Hello from Costa Rica!

Hello Everyone!
I’m Sali and have been a THS sitter for several years. I moved to Costa Rica one year ago and actually found my community after a one month THS sit here!
I am now just getting back to traveling post-pandemic! I have three sits coming up in France and the Netherlands. I’m so excited!
I also now have the sweetest Goldendoodle ever, so will be looking for sitters as well. I will post my profiles as soon as I figure out how to do so!
I look forward to being part of this forum and wish you all happy sitting!


Hello @SaliJo and welcome to the forum. I was first introduced to house sitting many years ago when I spent a winter in Costa Rica - yes, hence the reason my username is Snowbird :wink: - and met a couple of full-time house sitters. I was fascinated, and the next year my house-sitting journey began.

I’m assuming you have a combined membership. If not, you will need that to be able to list your home. You may want to look over this blog post, of how to create the perfect listing, as I think it has some great content.

As a sitter, you’re also likely to be in-tune with what’s important to be shown in your listing. I’ll just mention that landscape photos (envelope shape) fit better than portrait ones. Too often I see only the rear end of a pet in the first photo in a search as the system has cropped the photo. Not the prettiest angle, for sure. :worried:

You can add both your sitter profile and owner listing into your username. It allows members to review them, and can often give constructive feedback for suggested tweaks. Helpful members are ready and willing to help you succeed.

Vanessa has excellent instructions on how to add both a sitter profile and owner listing link to your username, and suggests that you view hers for an example. Do that by clicking on her username.

I have a feeling you will be happy with the response to your listings as listings for Costa Rica are not common.

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Welcome @SaliJo. I’ll be looking forward to your posting sits.
Back in the 1970s I traveled to the then USSR on a student tour with a Costa Rican and have wanted to visit ever since. (Crazy that I haven’t I know).


Hello @SaliJo and welcome to the forum.
We look forward to your listing, we absolutely love Costa Rica, I have lost count of how many times we have now visited but it’s a few! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for the warm welcome and great information! I will look through the instructions for your suggestions.

HI @SaliJo and welcome to the Community Forum! Wow, I am so jealous of your time in Costa Rica as it is somewhere on my bucket list in the next few years! Getting a month sit in a great area sure can give you time to fall in love! Looks like you will be having future great sits as well in France and the Netherlands in the very near future. Two beautiful places for sure!

I looked at your profile and see you are from Colorado. So am I…what part did you live in? I was in the Denver area then moved to Winter Park for a while. Loved Colorado but sure don’t miss the snow…

I see @Snowbird has given you some very helpful hints on expanding your membership and I noticed you did not have your forum profile linked to your member profile. By doing so, you do get so much more exposure as potential sitters and/or owners can click right a way on your name and pop right into your member profile.

Once again…congratulations on some terrific sits and hoping to see more of your journeys posted here on the forum!

Have a great day!

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Hello @SaliJo and welcome! A sit in Costa Rica sounds heavenly. Keep us posted!!!

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Hi Edith!
Hoping to have you here to visit or sit!

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I would love to!

We are hoping for a Costa Rica sit!
Russell and Ryan

Would love to talk in the future

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@SaliJo You can direct message any username on the forum. Click on their @name and then click on the green envelope.

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After you’ve created your message, send your message by clicking on the similar green envelope below it and it will go to that person only. That way your conversation will be away from the public posts.

However, we do hope you’ll add your listing to your forum username, as Debbie suggested yesterday. I have no doubt there are lots of members eager to see your listing. :slightly_smiling_face:

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