Hello from East Devon, England!

Hello Everyone! My name is Tricia and I have recently moved to a lovely area - just inside East Devon but only a few minutes drive back into beautiful Dorset. I have been having a great time exploring the area and the views are just fabulous. I live near the Jurassic coast as well as the countryside. Exeter is about 45 minutes drive away with its beautiful cathedral as well as shops to browse and cafes to try!
I have two gorgeous cats and we are all getting used to our new home and garden, which I am currently planning and planting. I don’t go away that often but feel that having someone here who loves cats is very reassuring. I am a very keen gardener and some of my rare trips away are for garden holidays or to visit gardening friends. My next trip is for a study day in June and I hope to find a sitter to enable me to attend.


Hello @Tilly7. I used to live in East Devon (and on Devon/Somerset border) and I can certainly vouch for it being a lovely area.

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Hello Tricia. I have very good friends in Musbury, East Devon, and visit them as much as I can. I’ll be staying with them in June. Maybe we could meet up?


Welcome @Tilly7 , so nice to see your picture. We have many people here who love cats and appreciate beautiful gardens. I hope you enjoy and learn from the forum and meet some wonderful THS sitters. Here is a topic you might like: Gardens of the World


Hi Tilly, welcome to this wonderful group.
I love cats & Devon & Dorset, I’m sure there’s plenty of others that feel the same too. So I don’t doubt that you’ll have plenty of applications.
I’m not in the country until August otherwise I’d be interested in helping you out. Good luck!

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Hi Tilly
We bought an apartment in sunny Bournemouth last February and I can definitely vouch it’s a beautiful area. Last summer was mostly spent doing pet sits round the area so we could start to get to know it - born and bred in the NE of Scotland so it was a bit of a culture shock. They grow tomatoes and peppers outside! I love it but it’s only a bolt hole for us when the world shuts down again.
We travel. We look after pets. We see the world the best way possible. Good luck and welcome.


What do you mean “when the world shuts down again”? Do you know something we don’t? :flushed:

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I hope not!

We were living on a 40 foot yacht sailing the world when covid struck. There were whispers of a virus as we entered Cuba, six weeks later we were given the choice either leave our country or go and live in a hotel till it is possible to fly out. To where? We left with finger crossed and headed for Key Largo not knowing if they would let us in. Eventually they did but we were only allowed on land for an hour a week to get groceries and water. This lasted for about 6 weeks.
We were lucky. Some people just set sail for home which was a three to four week non stop voyage. I never want to go through that again hence our bolt hole.

Wow you were lucky! I was in Oz and, reluctantly, flew home. Flying to NZ on 31/10.

Hello Smiley, apologies for the delay in replying but I have only just worked out how to access this! I am not technical at all, however stupid that sounds! It would be lovely to meet up. I hope to find a sitter for the first part but my first offer was withdrawn as she is going somewhere else now . Let me know when you are here. Musbury is just down the road from Axminster so that would be great!

Hi Elsie, thanks for your message and I am glad you like Bournemouth too. Very different from the bonnie north! Enjoy your travelling!

Hi Jane
Thanks for your message. I hope that someone replies! I always feel a little self conscious that I don’t live in a mansion!! But people came to sit in my last house so fingers crossed.

Thank you for thinking of me. I shall look forward to seeing this.