Hello from Florida

Hi Everyone,

My name is Maureen O’Donnell and I have been living in Florida since 1984.
I am retired and I would love to start house sitting. I was a Real Estate Property Manager for 18 years. After that I attended Culinary School. I worked as a Pastry Chef for about 6 years in Palm Beach and a couple of other small restaurants. I would love to become part of the community and hope to find some wonderful house sits. If possible my preference would be 2 to 3 months and hopefully in France. However I am open to other countries as well. I have two grown daughters and 5 grandchildren. I love spending time with all of them but would also like to be able to see other parts of the world and stay for a while.

My schedule is very flexible and I can be available almost any time of the year.
Thank you for reading my introduction.


Hello Maureen and welcome to our community forum, thank you for joining us from the sunshine State and what a lovely introduction.

A pet and housesitting retirement lifestyle is one full of purpose and opportunity, connecting with like minded people and making friends along the journey … it brings experiences not possible through traditional travel it really is slow travel where you live like a local and 2 - 3 months in France is something to aspire to.

You’ll find lots of inspiration from members here on the forum, some like you very new others with years of experience they are happy to share.

Enjoy the conversations, connecting with members from around the world and we can’t wait to join you on your new and exciting adventure.

Angela and the Team

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