Hello from Lakeland, Florida

Hello everyone,

I joined THS in February as a pet sitter and am very excited to be here. It is so interesting reading all of the comments and being part of this community.

I am retired from the military of 23 years. I had some wonderful travels, met a lot of people during my time and when I retired, I returned to my home state of Florida. Being a part of THS allows me to travel, spend time with amazing animals, and connect with people of diverse backgrounds.

Looking forward to great topics,



Hello @sharondc and welcome to TrustedHousesitters and our friendly forum.

It’s always an inspiration for other new sitters to see that it is possible to get first sits, so very pleased to see that house sitting is already working for you as a travel option. And as an opportunity to get plenty of pet time! If you have any tips for our new members please do share them here:

Thank you for sharing and we hope you enjoy connecting and contributing to the forum. All the best!


Hi There! I also hail from Florida. My base is in Orlando but I’m never there :slight_smile: !
This is the best thing I could have done for myself. Enjoy the journey and keep smiling!


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