Hello from GV, Colorado!

Hi! our names are Zach and Nathalie. We are both locals from CO! We have both watched other fur babies and housesat before but never through TH, we recently found out about it and thought it was a genius idea.

I work for the state and my wife works for a university in downtown but is planning on going to back to school to get her MA in forensic psychology. We also recently got married in October in Cancun and made a goal to travel to at least 2 different countries a year. We are both working remotely so we have had the flexibility to work in differently locations and want to take advantage of that if possible.

We have 3 animals right now, but if it were up to Nat we’d have at least 20. We have two dogs, Oreo (f, 12) who is a mini schnoodle, Neena (f,3) lab mix, and Xypher (m, 10) orange tabby. They mean the absolute world to us, they are our babies and love them dearly.

We love animals, we’ve both had animals since we were children and are always pet sitting for our friends, family, neighbors, and hope to continue doing so.

We are actually traveling to Canada for the holidays, so if anyone would like to spend some time in Denver during this beautiful season with amazing animals, please let us know!


Hi @zachandnat1017. Welcome to our community of pet- and travel-lovers. Congrats on getting married! Cancun sounds like a great place to exchange wedding vows. My husband and I got married on the beach in Destin, Florida many, many years ago. Being on the beach with friends and family to mark our special day was wonderful. I’m sure your special day was wonderful, too.

If you’re a member of TrustedHousesitters you might include a link to your THS page in your forum profile. That way our experienced members could take a look at it, if you want, and provide tips as to how to make it even more enticing to pet parents. Not everyone does this, but those that do appreciate the help.

Is GV Greenwood Village?

Hello @zachandnat1017 and welcome to TrustedHousesitters and the Community Forum and congratulations to you both, a great choice too to get married in Cancun, such a beautiful location.
As @Karen-Moderator states if you are a member of TrustedHousesitters you can add your profile link on here.
I have added the link to show you how to do this :blush: