Hello from South Wales, UK

Hello we are new to the site . We have 2 old Shih tzus and a puss. All animals are very easy to mind as they have independent access to the garden/house. We joined this community as our dogs did not enjoy the last trip in our van. They just want to stay home and sleep . We’re hoping to be going away in 3 weeks but, as yet, do not have a sitter . We’re still hoping sitters with time or are able to work remotely would love to visit the South Wales this Spring to walk the coastal paths and enjoy the beaches and the fabulous City of Cardiff (30 mins away)

Hello @SallyKay and welcome to the forum. Although I live in Canada, I was born and raised in your neighbouring Barry, so am familiar with Rhoose. For those who don’t know the area, Barry is the home of the TV program, ‘Gavin & Stacey’. My mother apparently looked very similar to one of the characters in the show and was often stopped in Barry, by people assuming they were meeting a TV star. She couldn’t see the resemblance, of course.

Sally, you might want to mention in your listing that the village of Rhoose is the home of Cardiff airport, as this might make the travel easier for some sitters who do not have a vehicle.

If you’d like to have your listing promoted on social media, please direct message @Angela-CommunityManager and she will take care of that for you.


I have since learnt that Angela has added my THS profile link to my forum profile - result!! Thanks again for all your advice

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Thank you so much for the tip. Yes Gavin & Stacey, a brilliant comedy drama - we love it. How wonderful for your Mum😂

The airport is close but lacks comprehensive scheduled flights bar the popular UK holiday destinations. Unfortunately, since the March 2020 lock down, the 21 flights a week from/to Amsterdam (for international travel) has diminished a flight a day (was 3) about 4 times a week.

There are loads I could mention but it’s all in our profile . How do I link from the forum to our Profile? That may be a good start sad however our profile on the main site does explain we have a railway station in Rhoose direct to Cardiff and a bus at the end of our street. Can I link our profile from this forum to our profile ? If so, how do we do that ?

We’re not local (ex RAF) but have lived in Wales in excess of 40 years so most of my buddies are Rhoose/Barry/Cardiff born and we feel pretty local . It’s a great place to live, so much to see and do .

I was recommended to join the forum as our sitter for this coming April/May cancelled last week. We’re gutted and just hoping we can find a sitter to enjoy our home and the fabulous area for 6.5 weeks from mid April .
I have requested a social media post be put out and it’s been confirmed Angela will do that . I’m very impressed with the help the team have given us but as each day passes I’m accepting this year’s Spring trip won’t happen . There’s a reason for everything so we all have to stay positive . I can’t complain with all the terrible things happening so close to home, it puts everything into perspective .

Thank you again for the tips, really kind of you

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Hi Sally. As you’ve mentioned earlier, Angela has linked your listing to your username on the forum. When a forum members clicks on your username, there’s a hyperlink (underlined) that takes them to your listing.

I didn’t realize about the reduced flights. I was looking for flights for me to return home and saw they still flew out of Amsterdam, so didn’t realize how the pandemic had affected things.

Sit tight now and hopefully things will work out.

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