Hello from Southwest Michigan

Hello, all,

My husband and I just found Trusted Housesitters and had our first sitters stay at our home. Our pets (a dog, cat and three goats) enjoyed staying in their home and were well cared for. We also felt better having someone in our house. So far so good!

We have more travel plans coming up (Germany and Argentina) and plan to use Trusted Housesitters. Thanks to the site for all the great guidance and the access to people who like to travel and love pets!

This forum has also been very helpful as we took the leap with this great website and app.



Hi @Kfirpo,

On behalf of the forum team, a warm welcome to the TrustedHousesitter’s community. Three goats! That’s awesome, what are their names? I’d love to see photos if you’d like to share. Do you enjoy goats milk from them as well? I’ve always enjoyed goats milk and especially goats cheese but I have no idea how many goats would be needed to make cheese. So glad to hear you’ve been enjoying the site and have exciting travel plans lined up! Where in Germany will you be visiting? I’ve really loved the Black forest region, Bavaria and especially the Alsace region along the border of France.

My suggestion is to first start by embedding your listing in your forum username/profile . That way experienced members can give you feedback on your listing content. But the main website is where ALL our members will see your opportunity and be able to apply and message with you. If you have any questions feel free to let us know, our community members as well as our Forum Team are always eager to help.

Kelly & the Forum Team

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Hi @Kfirpo. Whereabouts in SW Michigan are you?

I formerly worked for a company which had a subsidiary in Grand Rapids and had to go there regularly for business. Dear hubs and I took many trips along the coast both north and south of there as part of some of those trips. We also loved going to the great breweries in the southern part of the state.

And I simply must ask, how is the fall color? Is it starting to peak there?

Thanks, Kelly! we have two pygmy and one dwarf nigerian goat - all small and cute: Buster Brown, Silver Bullet and Corky. They are just cute - and they eat weeds - no milk or fiber…

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We live in Niles. The fall colors are amazing this year but leaves are falling fast…

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I just took a peak at your profile and oh my all your pets are so adorable! and what a beautiful house too. However, I was asking if the goats produce any goats milk? not if they consume it.

I hope the travel planning to Germany and Argentina has been going well?