Hello from Sunny Florida

We are Yvonne and Pablo. We are a retired husband and wife team who love to travel…have new experiences…love to meet new people…but most of all have enjoyed taking care of all our furry friends we meet along the way. Although we are new to Trusted Sitters we have been sitting locally and we are looking forward to expand our horizon.


Hi Yvonne and Pablo. Welcome to the community forum. I’m glad you found us and have let us know a bit about yourselves.

I too am a retired sitter based in Florida, although I’m on the road most of the time. What part of sunny Florida are you from?

If you’re members of TrustedHousesitters you might want to include a link to your sitter profile in your forum profile, and then ask our forum members for suggestions and tips to fine tune it. That way, you’ll get people looking at your sitter profile, and you may gain valuable feedback that you’ll benefit from for years to come.

Happy travels!

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Hello Karen,
Nice to meet you…We are living in Central Florida in Champions Gate… a community in Davenport,FL …(Very close to Disney Parks) We’ve been here four years since we retired.

Hello @4850653; you’re taxing my “left brain” function with your username, I’ll be trying to remember it throughout the day now :roll_eyes:
Ah! Sunny Florida. Sunny anywhere will do for me really. I’m in Italy right now but the return to soggy, grey UK is looming within the week so my mood could be better.
Anyway, welcome to the community & I hope all your sits are happy, sunny ones :smiley:

Thank you for that wonderful welcome … hope the sun pops up for you today…whether you believe or not we are ready for just a little cooler weather after such a long hot hot summer here… have a terrific day!

Yvonne Perez

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