Hello from the Bay Area

Hi There,
This is Janet and Dale. My husband and I have been retired from owning restaurant because of my health issues. I’m into Gardening, music and cooking. My hubby and I were musicians in the past, mostly in the Bay Area so we listen to a lot of music. We did do a lot of traveling In the past and hope to do more in the future…
Thank you and hope you will enjoy our home and our precious dogs.


Hi @janet and welcome to the community forum where you are going to meet the greatest folks who love pets as much as you do. Your home is beautiful…and oh those precious pups…I could just cuddle up with them right now! I see an electric piano in one room. Were you both in the music industry as well as the restaurant business? My husband and I owned a restaurant in Winter Park, Colorado and I can attest to the strain it puts on your body…long hours, not enought sleep, back breaking work that never stops!

Just a couple of things I noticed. First you said you have no interior cameras, but per TrustedHousesitters policy, those are not allowed. Outside cameras are okay as long as you inform the sitter if they are functioning.

Second, I see you have not linked your member profile to your forum profile. By doing this, you will increase your exposure to sitters looking to come to that great state of California and love on those cutie pies you have there. To do so, just follow How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile. You are going to love connecting with all these like minded individuals and you will find the perfect sitters for your home and babies.

Good luck…maybe I will apply for a sit for you sometime next Fall when we start traveling on a permanent basis.

Hi @Debbie-Moderator
Thanks for replying…as you can see I’m in need of a little assistance. I’m trying to find a sitter and I even upgraded yesterday thinking it would help circulate more interest.
I posted on the community forum but can’t tell if I did it right.
I also received an email from Kelly/moderator also so I replied to her also.

I read you owned a restaurant also…yes, so much work…but I miss it at times…not the work part but my customers, music (we had open mic) and of course the food. Too much work and had to sell because my hubby had health issues.
Getting back to THS I’m hoping I corrected and filled out Everything correctly. I just have trouble posting with the community Forum.
Our friends who recommended this to us raved about it. They don’t do it anymore since their pet passed…but they said they had 50 email requests the first time they did it. I think they did it for about 4-5 yrs.
Please let me know if there are other suggestions on getting sitters.

Thank you,

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Hello Janet,
I looked at your listing and have a couple of suggestions for improvement, as I grew up in the SF Bay Area and went to university in the Sacramento area, so I know it well. Your home looks lovely, and your dogs are really cute! I love Golden Retrievers! It looks like you are not actually in the city of Sacramento, but 20 minutes outside of Sacramento. It would be helpful for potential applicants to know exactly which town you live in, so I would change your location to be more accurate. Your listing will still come up when Sitters search “Sacramento.” I like that you put various driving times to other places where the Sitter may want to go. I think you need to put a bit more description about your house and your dogs. Sell yourself a bit. Definitely mention that you have air conditioning. Your kitchen looks fantastic—tell us that it is “well-stocked” or a “cook’s kitchen” or something similar. Can the Sitter eat vegetables, tomatoes, and herbs from your beautiful garden? Say so! What size is the bed in the guest bedroom? Try to put yourself in the shoes of the Sitter. What sort of experience would you want to have when you stay in someone’s home? Reading through some listings on AirBnB might be inspiring! Best of luck to you. I am sure that you will find someone.

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@janet, you still have a month to get sitters (I know it seems like not very much time, but with the state of the World right now, people are waiting longer than usual so they know for sure they can get airline tickets, no one gets sick, etc.

One more thing I would do is put the pic of your cute babies as your main profile picture. Potential sitters can then see how cute they are and sometimes gets quicker response. If you are comfortable I would reach out to local sitters (within a 50 mile radius or so who don’t have much experience. They are trying to break into sitting but some pet parents are apprehensive to select them. There is no reason to be afraid of a new sitter. They have had their security checks, and if they have great references, this could be the ticket to getting you someone quickly. Also, if they are close, you might have the opportunity to actually meet in person before approving them for the sit. Just a couple of suggestions.

@PVGemini thank you so for your suggestions. I did change and added and wanted to see if you could see if I need to do more🙏

Thanks for your input,

@janet I read your improved listing and think that you can do more! Good job putting a bit more detail about you and your husband. Are you in the town of Rancho Cordova, technically? I would put that in the first line of the “Home and Location” section. If you have air conditioning (which I am sure that you do), please state. What is the size of the bed in the guest bedroom? Can the Sitter use the veggies in your beautiful garden? Tell us about the dogs—what are the personalities? What do they like to do?