Hello from the countryside of Ontario, Canada

We live on 2 acres one hour from Toronto. We have 2 very large Main Coon cats and an also large Bouvier dog. My husband keeps a horse at a stable about 2 minutes from our house. We like to travel and have responsible people in our house to look after our menagerie - but not the horse. We are looking forward to travelling again when we can. Ontario is currently locked down with a serious case count. Travel now is a distant dream


Hello, neighbour! Well, sort of - I am about 2.5 hours from Toronto in Prince Edward. Large dog loving horsey gal here if you are ever looking for a local-ish sitter :slight_smile: I share your distant dream - can’t wait to get back to travelling, fingers crossed that the current lockdown does what it is supposed to and things start to look up for Ontario.

Hi @Odinangus Welcome to the forum and we are so sorry that Ontario is in lockdown again, the UK is just coming out … finally we all hope.

You have what sounds like a lovely menagerie and I’m sure travel will be a NOT TOO distant dream for you both.

Enjoy the conversations and connecting with other members, there are a number of fellow members from Ontario on the forum.

Thank you again for joining.

Angela & The Team

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Good to have you on board. It is an interesting forum.


Yes, I will be looking for a house sitter. Don’t know exactly when but I will keep you in mind.

Thanks for responding




I have already heard from one volunteering to house sit. So all is well