Hello from the Peak District

Hi All, it’s our first time on the site. We have advertised our place although we are a little daunted. It is linked in our forum profile.

We have an 11 yr old collie who is so easy. He is just a bit… ‘into his routines’ :joy:. We also have a few hens and some wild bird feeders to fill up.

I wasn’t sure what to do about the ‘car’ question. It is very black and white. You could get away without a car, there is plenty to do but in order to get there, you’d need a car really unless you got a taxi from Buxton station or came a day early so we could collect you.

If anybody has any tips or suggestions for our advert, I’d appreciate it. It’s not 5 star but it’s homely :wink:.

Hello @Westlancaster and welcome to the forum. Community rules on the forum only allow for adding a link to a listing if yours is in the last-minute section (less than 7 days to the start date). Please delete your link from your post. You are welcome to embed it in your forum username/profile and members can then view it and give you feedback.

There are posts discussing the issue of whether a car is needed. You may want to use the magnifying glass to search key words and read any post that interest you. There is a wealth of information already available on this forum.

Adding the requirement of a car limits the number of sitters that will apply for your sit. If you want to offer an option to assist sitters in getting to and from your home, as you’ve suggested, then it’s best to put those details in your listing and discuss the logistics with those who then apply.

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Hi @Westlancaster

As a homeowner I too struggle with the car decision…ultimately for us we make the decision after meeting the sitter/sitters and work out the details from there.

On a separate note I took a look at your listing and WOW :heart_eyes: looks like your home and surrounding area are straight out of ‘All Creatures Great and Small.’ Is it always that green?! i’m sure your boy Mirk must love those walks in those fields.

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Hi and welcome!
Your listing looks great to me.
Very clear info and good pictures too.

I wish you good luck finding a sitter for Mirk!

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Hi @Westlancaster and welcome, unfortunately we won’t be in the UK until November otherwise we would apply for your sit and discuss the possibility of the car option. I have favourited your listing in case you need a sitter while we are there from November to March. We will be relying on public transport so we look for either close by bus or train stops or whether there is a car included. One thing we always ask an owner in our video call is how do we get the pet to the vet in an emergency. Owners don’t often think about that when sitters don’t have a car. Hope you find a great sitter. Regards, Jenny

Oh thank you, that is great. We are considering a trip away in the new year. It is uncertain at the moment but we were considering a honeymoon that we never had.

Regarding the car, I have an old van (it is a bit of a nail) and a company car (this makes it unable to be driven by anyone else other than my wife). However, I will be changing it for a car that I will own, which may give some flexibility.

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