Hello from Tillamook, Oregon

I am Gwen and my husband is Shannon. We joined TrustedHousesitters as Owners. We are looking for a sitter for our first sit coming up in September.

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I live in Portland and have a second home in Manzanita. You should not have any problem getting a Sitter who wants to visit your beautiful area and spend time with your pets!

Hello Gwen & Shannon (AKA @GRay) and welcome to TrustedHousesitters and the forum. I’m afraid on looking at your listing (great you have it linked already here in the forum), I just had to share this photo…


Love it!!! I guess you have your own sofa :rofl: That’s one happy family!!

Whenever I see a town or city I haven’t heard of I look it up on Google, and am I right that your Tillamook is famous (?) for it’s white cheddar cheese? I’m in France at the moment and miss English cheddar so much! Despite all the lovely cheeses here there’s something about cheddar that is very different!!

I hope you find your first sitters very soon, and if you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to reach out to any of the forum team or our friendly forum members!

All the best, Vanessa and the team

I love Manzanita. I first visited it ~2018 when I was a digital nomad and was exploring Oregon. Encountered a drum circle on the beach and met some lovely people.

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I’m not sure about specifically white cheddar, but cheese in general for sure. I’m not sure where all you can buy Tillamook cheese, if it’s just the west coast of the US or if they go further than that. Much of the milk comes from dairy farms right in the Tillamook Valley, all of it comes from farms in Oregon.

The white cheddar is my favorite Tillamook Cheese! We buy the 2 pound blocks of it. It is aged sharp cheddar cheese. If you visit Tillamook, they sell various aged white cheddar cheese, i.e. 3 year, 5 year, etc. So good! You can also buy online.

Tillamook Cheese - Some Cheesey Facts

For many Oregonians, “Tillamook” and “cheese” are inextricably linked. For more than a hundred years, generations of dairy farmers and cheesemakers have brought economic prosperity to Tillamook, and their collaboration through the County Creamery Association has built a nationally known brand of cheese and dairy products. Over a million people visit the Tillamook Cheese Factory each year.

The story of cheese in Tillamook, a small town near Tillamook Bay on the north Oregon Coast, began during the mid-nineteenth century, when thousands of EuroAmericans traveled to the Pacific Northwest over the Oregon Trail. Finding that most land in the Willamette Valley had already been homesteaded, some resettlers continued west over the Coast Range and settled near what is now Tillamook Bay. Though the remote, heavily forested area presented many challenges, the mild coastal climate was good for growing grass that could support dairy cattle. Some resettlers used the milk to make butter, which they hoped to sell in more populated areas such as Portland.