Hello to all the friends I've yet to meet!

Hi friends call me Pepper - I’ve been House sitting continuosly now for about 2 years - I love the exchange of trust and friendship that THS is all about. It’s great to part of a community that values these qualities and fosters open minds and hearts. All my experiences have been positive even when lots of frightening and troubling things are happening in the world. I love the THS bubble!


HI @Cheryl and welcome to our community forum, thank you for being part of our THS for 2 years and what a lovely, positive introduction, where are you at the moment and do you have a place you call home or is each and every sit you are on home?

We would love to hear more about your experiences, some of the pets, people and places you’ve connected with and look forward hearing more you on the forum.

Welcome again,

Angela and the Team

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What a pleasure to have you here. Welcome Pepper @Cheryl.

Thank you Amparo :slight_smile:


Hi Pepper!
Wow 2 years of continuous furry friends, you lucky lady! Where has been your most fav location & pets?


Hi Jayne … how nice to be in contact. Thank you! Assam in India was my most favourite location and favourite pets have been 3 huge Maine Coone cats. What about you? x

Aww Maine coones are beautiful cat with great personalities too! We looked after a lovely dog in Florida this Christmas & he truly made our trip! He tagged along on day trips & introduced us to his friends/neighbors! He snored so loud it was hilarious!


HI and Welcome to the forums Pepper :wave:

If I could have a pet it would be one of these cats … oh I miss burying my face in their fur and falling to sleep with them purring next to me. Xx


Thank you. X

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