Hi from Brisbane Australia

Hi we are Steve and Leoni and have joined THS after our friends suggested that we would make perfect house sitters. Our friends who live in New Brunswick Canada travelled the world for three years house sitting. They actually came to Australia on their travels before Covid hit.

We are off to see my family in Boston at the end of June and will be there for six weeks and looking at short house sits on the east coast. I haven’t seen my family for four years so I am beyond excitement.

I think what Covid taught me was to just go out and do the things you love. We had many Covid lockdowns and life was quite challenging. Australia has only just opened up after two years of being closed. Now there will be Aussies everywhere despite double the air fares the airlines are charging. It is outrageous.

Happy house sitting to you all. Kick up your heels and have fun.



Hi @Henderson22 and welcome to the forum! My husband and I are currently house sitting in Brisbane and we’ll be here until April. Would be nice to meet up and have a coffee at some point? We love Boston and the northeast. Enjoy your trip to visit your family.


Welcome and enjoy your travels. Housesitting really is a wonderful lifestyle


Thank you for your warm welcome. We are new at house sitting and wanted to see if we liked it or not. Another adventure. Brisbane is a lovely city with lots to do. It is a little bit like Boston. Will be in touch about coffee. Have a good week. Leoni


Thank you. I have two months off work so I am looking forward to that. Always wanted to house sit as I love animals and exploring new places. Take care Smiley.


Hi Leoni, welcome to our community forum thank you for joining us from the fab city of Brisbane, I see that you’ve already had some lovely welcome message from our friendly community one way to help us get to know you better would be to include the link to your profile in your Forum profile, this is how you can do that How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile

We look forward to seeing and hearing more from you and sharing in your new THS adventure, 6 weeks on the US East coast will no doubt bring some great experiences starting with Boston, on of my favorite cities … something for those who have never been Best Things to Do in Boston 2022: 46 Cool Bites, Sights and More

Welcome again and enjoy connecting with our members from around the world.

Angela and the Forum Team

Thanks Angela for the welcome and all the information on Boston. Loved all the things you can do in Boston. I have only completed half of the things mentioned. Being born in Boston I am fortunate to have done over 20 trips back to see my family. There are a few new restaurants since I last visited.

I will try to upload my profile when I get on my computer.

Yes the people on the forum are so friendly and the information is invaluable to first time house sitters. Well it is the first time we have been house sitters internationally.

I am blessed that my husband is really flexible to ideas. The Americans certainly love the Aussie accent especially the American women. So my husband is popular when he goes there. They can’t understand him when he says coke. It is hilarious and has to say coca cola.

All the best to you.

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