Hi from Germany (near Heidelberg)

Hi all , I am Sumithra Sekar from Germany (Heidelberg ) , i am came across this platform and was very curious to know about this platform .

we are planning our Summer vacation for a week and we would like to have a petsitter , does it work out to find a petsitter from this platform ? or is it just kind of people who travel around can stay in the house , becoz petsitter means they stay with pet for entire day

and we live in a village where we dont have much to explore and my dog can stay only 5 hrs alone

how does it work ? and please can you share some expeirences?



HI @Sumi_Sekar

A warm welcome to our community forum. You will get lots of friendly and expert advice from our experienced members here.

I see you have a partial account on the website, so you have not started your listing yet, and this is the best way to find the right sitters for your specific dates. Once you join, you can add your listing profile to your forum profile, and members can get a better idea of who you are. They will then be able to give you good advice on your listing.

This is a very useful blog to give you guidelines to find the right sitter.

Sitters sit for so many different reasons, and there are many sitters who often just want a quiet place to stay. They may be retired, work remotely and simply enjoy being in a different environment with a friendly furry companion. The best way to attract the right sitter is to have a lot of detail on your listing, so sitters know what to expect.

Please use the spyglass to search for any questions you have, as there are many topics that have been discussed and are ongoing.

Enjoy your time on the forum.
Best wishes
Therese and the Forum team

Hi @Sumi_Sekar. I know you have not yet decided to join, but I would like to assure you that being able to leave a dog alone for 5 hours would be considered a long time for most sitters. I would be very happy with that. Also many of us are content to spend a quiet time with the animals we care for. I wish you good luck finding sitters and joyous travels.


Hello @Sumi_Sekar and welcome to the Community Forum :wave:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

As @Therese-Moderator mentioned there are sitters with various reasons for why they sit, and the more detail you can provide on your listing the better it will be for finding a suitable sitter/s to suit your needs. I know when my hubby and I sit, we always take the dog/s everywhere with us, (with the owner’s permission of course), and do different things every day with the dogs so that they have their own mini holiday whilst their parents are away. :dog:

Once you become a member of TrustedHousesitters you can add your THS listing to your profile on here by following the attached link should you wish to.

Enjoy your time on the Forum :blush:

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