Hi from Ireland

Hi everyone from Ireland, (currently sitting in Amsterdam)
We recently joined THS and are currently on our second sit.
The advice on the forum has really helped us settle quickly into our sits and helped us at the ‘interview’ stage & meeting HO for the first time.
It has been a brilliant experience so far - we’ve met lovely people and gorgeous pets.
Love reading all the posts.
Enjoy sitting!


Hi @paws4you and a very big welcome to TrustedHousesitters and our community forum, it is great to have you here!

I am delighted to hear you have already been enjoying the world of housesitting and are on your second sit. Where was your first sit?

I hope you are enjoying all that Amsterdam has to offer and have some lovely new furry friends keeping you company. Our very own @Therese-Moderator has been cat-sitting in Amsterdam recently too, funnily enough.

It is great to hear you have found this forum helpful as you started your housesitting journey. We have a large community of experienced, insightful, friendly members who are always on hand to share their stories and advice. And if you ever have any questions that spring to mind, you can search using the little magnifying glass icon up in the top or start your own thread as you have done today.

Something our forum members do as well, and you can too is add your TrustedHousesitters profile link into your forum profile. This can help owner members easily locate your profile to connect.

I have added a link below that will help you with this

Wishing you a fab sit and look forward to hearing more about your sitting adventures here on the forum.

All the best


Hi @Lucy-MembershipServices,
Our first sit was in Ireland, which was a dream sit with a little Bichon.
We had a few ‘rejections’ after that but kept applying and we’ve now been entrusted with a sweet senior kitty in Amsterdam.
I hope it shows other newbies that you will get there.


Hi @paws4you I would love to hear about things to do and see in Amsterdam as I’ll be visiting for a few days in April next year, on holiday. Maybe you can start a thread in the travel section.

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@paws4you Lovely to hear you are also sitting in Amsterdam. Definitely one of my favourite cities. I am loving looking after two lovely black cats (I still struggle to see who’s who!!).
If you can start an Amsterdam thread, that would be amazing, and I will add my penny’s worth for @Crookie on the things I have enjoyed.
Best wishes


@Crookie will start a thread on Amsterdam in the right section. Hopefully, some of it will be useful.
It’s a super spot - you will have a ball.


Hi @paws4you! Ireland…our next great adventure in the Spring. Where do you reside there? We will be flying into Dublin, renting a car and traveling the countryside for two weeks. Just can’t wait as we have had to cancel three different times due to the Pandemic…so fingers crossed, this will not happen again!

I’m so glad the forum has helped you out with getting ready for sits. There is just so much valuable information here that you are going to find from other sitters, pet parents AND Forum Team Members, as we are all members as well…doing sits all over the World!

Good luck with all your sits and please do send pics so we can see where you are and what you are doing while there!

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What part of Ireland are you from? I’m from Dundalk, living in Texas, but currently sitting in Switzerland during a long rip to Ireland. I’ll be back in Ireland on Sept 27 for almost a month.