Hi 👋 from Wales

Hi Guys
My name is Sonja and I’m from wales :wales: I am a retired vet nurse of 30 years who now owns a Dog grooming school. I love to travel and what could be better than travelling combined with what I do best. I am available to look after any animal “ sorry I don’t do spiders or giant snakes “ but anything else is doable. I am also a keen horsewoman so all equine enquiries can be delt with. I have extensive knowledge of dogs especially Bullmastiffs judging them world wide. I love the beach and the sun so all you folks with dogs on a beach :desert_island: I’m ur girl. X

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Wow! You sound like a perfect sitter and I’m sure you’ll be snapped up! Welcome to Trusted Housesitters and good luck with getting your first sit :sunglasses:

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Welcome, @Sobaby/Sonja!

What @Smiley said. And that first photo with the bird is especially incredible. What kind of bird is that? Thinking of that Hitchcock film makes me afraid of being too close to some birds…

Are you a TH member? If so, you should link your sitter profile so we can learn even more about you!

I know nothing about Bullmastiffs. I could look on Wikipedia, but maybe you can share something they don’t mention (or mention very well)?


Hi The bird is a sea Hawk native to scotland and wales she is only a baby.


Hi @Sobaby. Welcome to the community forum. You sound like you’d be a great pet sitter. If you have any questions about joining TrustedHousesitters, please let us know, as that is the platform where sitters and pet parents arrange sits. The forum, on the other hand, is the place where we all share tips, pictures and insights about pet sitting in general, pets, travel and other things that we love.

Thanks for introducing yourself and becoming a member of our community.

Wow! Welcome to the forum. A friend wants me to travel to Wales ( only UK) country I haven’t been to yet. I’m sure you’re bound to find some amazing sits on your journey. . Your brood of wonderful critters is absolutely wonderful, is that a White-tailed Sea Eagle your handling? I use to work as an Avian Care specialist at Alaska Raptor Center in Sitka Alaska with injured Bald Eagles and other Raptors, I have a strong affinity for them. I was fortunate and had the opportunity to see them in the wild on the Isle of Skye 7 years ago, truly amazing!

I was fortunate to see White-tailed Sea Eagles while on the Isle of Skye in Scotland several years ago.


Wow yes it is she’s part of a conservation project to reintroduce them to west wales :wales: they are only found in small part Scotland and wales. Such a majestic bird. If you ever come to wales I have room just let us know


@Catgoddess_99 me too and up close from a boat whilst on the Isle of Skye, just wow! Spectacular birds … I also remember my first Bald Eagle spot whilst we were driving in the US… just amazing! :eagle:

Here’s a shot of one from my trip. I was fortunate as it was the last wildlife trip of the year.


@Catgoddess_99 Wow! Amazing capture! :+1:t2::camera::blush:

Beautiful pic!

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Wow another amazing photograph @Catgoddess_99 :heart_eyes_cat: you are such a talented photographer !!!