Hi, I’m Elsa from the North Of England

Good morning everyone. My names Elsa & I have a husband Guy. We’re both retired, I’m 66 and he’s 78, don’t know where the years have gone! We’ve just joined yesterday because we’ve adopted 2 cats and as we love travelling, we need to find a sitter or 2 to look after these adorable kitty cats.

We relocated from the southern end of England to the North East 8 years ago after our daughter & son in law announced they were expecting our 1st grandchild. She’s a joy incidentally! We’d always had a cat or 2 but after our Tango passed approx 10 yrs ago, we’d thought we wouldn’t have any more. Last August our youngest daughter living in London sadly lost her best mate, Batman. 2 days later, a ‘bin diving’ very pregnant, scared cat arrived at her back door. She fed her and gradually Lady came indoors and gave birth to 5 kittens one of which died leaving 4 kitty’s. She couldn’t bear to rehome them to just anyone and never see them again so we have the mother (who’s a very scared, timid tortie) and the female kitten Silla. Lady still hasn’t ventured from my office but will allow me to stroke her. Hopefully with lots of patience she’ll grow in confidence and come out of her hiding room. Sills is a cheeky kitten!

Our location: it’s beautiful! We come from, Somerset and I really didn’t think somewhere could come close, but our views are spectacular. The sunsets and sunrises are to die for. Our house overlooks open fields and although we live in a small rural village, it’s near enough to the city centre. In fact, I can be in the city within 20 mins.


Hi @Elsa1
A warm welcome to the forum, and thank you for such a lovely detailed introduction.

What a special kitty story, and I am sure Lady will soon realize the love she is surrounded by and become a super confident member of your family.

Please do share some photos when you have a moment.

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What a lovely introduction you’ve given to the forum members @Elsa1. Lady certainly came into your daughter’s life at the right time and Lady picked the right back door to appear at and feel safe to deliver her babies. Although she’s still very timid, Lady has come a long way in her trust thanks to your kindness in now caring for her and one of her kittens in your beautiful rural location.


Hello @Elsa1 and welcome to the Community Forum :wave:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

As @Therese mentioned, you can add your TrustedHousesitters profile/listing on to your profile on here by following the link she attached should you wish, this will then enable others to give helpful advice and feedback and extra coverage for your listing! If you have any problems doing this, please do not hesitate to ask, we are all more than happy to help. :blush:

Your kitties sound adorable… do you have any photos of them that you could share on here? :cat:

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@Elsa1 Thank you so much for sharing these photos… they are such cuties! :cat::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I couldn’t label them but from the top: Silla with her kittygro on (she’s been spayed), the 3 ginger kittens are her brothers, and the bottom is mummy, Lady.


Oh Wow … thank you @Elsa1 for sharing.
Silla looks absolutely adorable. Lady looks very sweet, and looks very comfy.
I am amazed at the 3 pure gingers from the litter and they look so confident and happy.
It is such a lovely rescue story.

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Hi @Elsa1 & welcome. Just want to let you know that your profile link doesn’t work.

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Great Spot @Crookie I have now added the correct link. Thank you


Oh no! Thank you!!
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Beautiful :heart_eyes:


A warm welcome to the forum, and I am so pleased you have found us and are benefiting from the various topics and threads.

From your profile, you look like you train or maybe show corgies? Is this right?

I see you are not a member of TrustedHousesitters yet, are you looking to sit or have some sitters look after your pets, or both?

Looking forward to your continued contribution here.
Best wishes
Therese and the forum team.

Oooooo! Maybe this is for someone else? :kissing_heart: No, not me with a corgi I’m afraid.

I think she was responding to michellenorman as that is who I see with the Corgi pics.

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Good luck finding a sitter. We have been house sitting for about a decade now with THS all over the UK and the continent. Phots if your home inside and out and it’s setting will help to attract potential sitters. And of course photos of your pets. It will give people a good idea of what awaits them.

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Elsa, we are going to be in your area in July! It would be nice to meet for your future travel plans. We have family in the area. Bernadine


Hi Berna, how lovely to hear from you. What dates are you coming? We’d love to meet you and if you need accommodation let me know. We might be able to plan something.

Hi @Elsa1 @Berna … Members can use the Direct Message option to have a personal conversation, share information and have a real one to one discussion.

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Elsa, how kind. We are sorting our dates soon. Are you on WhatsApp. I put all my Trustedhousesitters on my WhatsApp. What town are you in? Bernadine

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