Hiya from Fort Collins, Colorado!

Hey everyone!

I’m Cody, I’m a 30 year old music and theatre educator currently doing some freelance writing and travel blogging. Words can’t describe how excited I was to find an awesome service like this, and how much I can’t wait to get out there and explore!

I have lived in Colorado for most of my life, but before that I grew up on farm in Southern Illinois (check the profile for the adorable baby picture on a horse), so animals have always been something I gravitate towards. I can assure you, your fuzzy friends will not want for affection if I am your house sitter.

My plan is to make my way out to New England, particularly Maine for the summer, and then hopefully down to Florida as it gets colder. But before that, I’m hoping to get my feet wet with some house sits locally here in Colorado.

Anyone have any recommendations on interesting, off the beaten-path locations? I’d love to hear 'em!

I’m so excited to be here, and I’ll see y’all around the forums!


Welcome, Cody-
I started with TH in summer 2019 on the recommendation of my brother who used TH to find sitters because I was traveling so much I couldn’t sit for him. Well, aside from about 6 months mid-2020 when the world shut down, I’ve been traveling ever since.
I’d suggest you just be open to opportunities - I’ve lived all over the US - grew up in New Orleans, grad school in Los Angeles, worked in Houston, Twin Cities, Chicago, sw Florida, western Mass.
I try to string together sequential sits. Currently in the UK for 5 sits over 6 weeks and returning in mid-July for 4 sits over 8 weeks - sometimes cities, but also in the country. Currently with a pair of mini-schnauzers and 8 chickens with a great lawn that attracts rabbits and deer.
Two memorable sits have been on islands- 10 days on Jeju in Korea and 2 weeks in Friday Harbor, San Juan island, WA.
Good luck!


Thanks Tomi! It’s stories like yours that tell me I’ve made the right choice! I can find interesting things everywhere, as my google maps “bucket list” has close to 4,000 locations… So I can’t wait to see where I end up.

And great advice! I’m trying to make my first “checkpoint” be a month-long stay or longer in New England, but I really want to take my time and take my time making my way there.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your time over in the UK.


Check out an app – Atlas Obscura. Shows you overlooked interesting places near where you are. For example, I visited a former UK nuclear war control site near Chester. Lots of relics of cold war defense. And given the current world situation, a scenario for how WW3 might start between China and the USSR.


@RockyMountainRoamer On behalf of all the forum team, a warm welcome to the TrustedHousesitter’s community. It’s always lovely to hear from enthusiastic members ready to get started - you won’t find a better resource than this forum to help set you on your way!

You mention checking your profile but did you know you can also share a link on your forum profile for a bit of extra exposure. We’d love it too if you would contribute to our Travel Category some time … we enjoy learning about the destinations of the world from each other’s experiences.

If at any time you need any help don’t hesitate to reach out to our community here which is full of helpful members who have been through the process themselves and will happily give advice and guidance. And don’t forget our membership support team are always on hand to give assistance.

All the very best, Vanessa and the team


I am actually hoping to grab a writing position with them! I love AO, I actually just went to a sculpture park today that I would have never discovered otherwise. Fingers crossed. :grinning:


Hi Cody!

I’m excited for you to have these adventures. If there’s a way to link to your travel blog here, I hope you will do so!

If you ever want to go to Texas, we’d love for you to watch our cats!

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I love your cat in the hat picture!!

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Hi @Dina in answer to your blog question, and so that Cody @RockyMountainRoamer knows, members are welcome to share their blog information at this post:

Anybody writing a blog about their house sitting adventures?


Hi Dina! Thanks so much for your warm welcome. I am sure I will be heading south in the future, I would love to cat sit for you if it works out with my schedule.

And that post on blog information is so helpful! I am still working on a couple formatting things before I post it to more than close friends, but in the next couple days you’ll see a post from me.

Thank you!!! It will be great to read some of these blogs!