Hola, Kia Ora, Hello!

Hi @DanielleClay. Welcome to the forum. Thank you for being a long-time member of TrustedHousesitters. I’m always curious, how did you hear about the forum?

I love that you pet sit with your kids. I would have loved to have done that with my son while he was growing up. What a great way for them to see not just other locations, but also how other people live. And of course, getting new pets to play with and love.

Even though you’ve been pet sitting for many years, you might want to embed a link to your pet sitter profile on the main website in your profile here on the forum. That way our community members will be able to easily find you if they so desire. Here’s how to add the link to your forum profile.

Again, welcome to the forum. I’m looking forward to getting to know you, seeing your pet and travel pictures, and reading about your travel.