Housesitters in Bangor Northern Ireland?

Hi, I wanted to see if there are any housesitters in Bangor Northern Ireland?

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I just checked the THS site. There are 42 sitters listed from Northern Ireland but only 1 specifically from Bangor

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Hi @rhiannonratican77 welcome to our community forum and thank you @Colin for helping to answer Rhiannon’s question. Rhiannon how can we help, other than the reply Colin has posted?

Sitters, when able to do so safely, will travel to help owners, N. Ireland is a very popular location and since COVID has curtailed travel for many, sitters have found great pleasure exploring pet sitting opportunities in their own “back yard” as pet sitting is about pets and the whole experience of living like a local … perhaps you’ve even had sitters before?

We’d love to know more and help in any way we can.

Thank you for joining.

Angela and the Team

We are originally from Belfast, sitting in France at the moment.