How soon can I expect to see requests to sit for me?

I have recently submitted our request for a sitter account details
I’m wondering if I should do more to help it get seen .
I’ve never used this service before and am nervous that I might not get a sitter.
We are leaving for an out-of-state family wedding.
Does anyone out there have any tips for me.?

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Hello, @barnesofheather I would like to wish you both a very warm welcome to the community forum and I am sure that you will receive some reassurance and helpful tips and advice here.

I can see your listing link is in your profile so other members will be able to view it and offer any help.

You can also use the spyglass and find previously discussed topics. If you type in ‘listing advice’ there are several threads.

I am sure some community members will reach out and comment. Being in a city it seems that the sitters will not need a car and Finn can be walked straight from the house to the park which is great. Is there public transport nearby?

Yous still have time to find a sitter before May and Finn looks super cute.

Wishing you all the best!

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@barnesofheather Your sit looks wonderful. Now that you’ve posted it, let the THS magic go to work. Sitters looking for a sit in that general area will be checking the site regularly and will see your post.

Once you start getting applications, take your time selecting someone to invite to a video chat. This is a great way to get a feel for sitters before you officially invite them. Don’t pick just anyone; be selective!

Don’t worry, you will get applications. :slight_smile:


thank you. yes. public transport is a 5 min walk. i mentioned that in the welcome portion. thanks for the encouragement.


thanks for the encouragement

We’re in a similar boat. New to advertising for sitters, and although not new to having cats, we’ve not had any for approx 10 years, relocated etc etc and don’t really know how it all works and how much time before listing, do we contact sitters and invite them to sit? We have secured wonderful sitters for later in the year and they’re not free for May. Any advice would be welcome. Sorry to hijack this question. :kissing_heart:

This may not be of much help to you but I did reach out to three listing that were not far from me as I thought it might be nice to start close the first time out. None of them could do my current dates though one seemed like a possibility for later this year. Still hoping! I hope you find someone that will work well for you.

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Thanks, I’d thought maybe I’d do that but didn’t know whether that was protocol or not. I’ll leave it a few days then reach out.