Iceland in Feb.?

Hello folks.
I have just spoken to some one in Iceland who is thinking abut getting a sitter in coming February . They would of course join Trusted if there is any one interested.

Iceland has always been on my bucket list as a place I’d love to go except I have a local sit booked for two weeks in February. I’m sure the sit would attract a lot of applicants.


I’ve visited Iceland before and would love to take the children there, so we’d certainly be interested in a housesit there some time in the future. However we wouldn’t be able to do this February.

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In REY? With the use of a car?

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There is only one sit currently advertised on THS in Iceland and it has 50 plus applications - as that is the maximum we are told my guess is that the actual number is much higher so your friend is guaranteed to have a lot of interest when they publish their listing


I’d go to Iceland in Feb. Not 2022 as I’m already sitting in the UK. It’s 10F in Conn where I am now.


It is not on TRH yet but they will do it on there of course . I am just checking if any one would be interested. And it is in Reykjavik area (Alftanes) and with 3 dogs and yes a car would be available for a person with a good driving exsperience . And this is at the moment just a POSSIBLE sit. I will not be giving a full info here, I will wait till they join and decide . BTW if I invite them to join do they get some discount and do I get something out of it ??

It is not where the red thing is but near by. The area is Alftanes

In Reykjavik area . In Alftanes. And yes a use of a car is included.

Hi @Bravo1239 Iceland has always fascinated me, but I’ve never been there. I understand that it’s an expensive place to visit, so certainly having the advantage of not paying for accommodation would be a great advantage for most people.

If you refer someone and they join, your membership is extended by two months, and they get a discount. Check out How to refer a friend for full details.


Ty for your reply. Yes it is very expensive there. I will kep that info in mind when they decide.

We have been to Iceland twice - it is a fantastic, breathtakingly beautiful country to visit - but very expensive!

The first time we went we booked Airbnb accommodation, Our host was amazing, we became good friends and she took us to lots of places off the beaten track.

We had such a great time with her, and she was so kind to us that we invited her to come to Manchester in the UK to stay with us, which she did - then returned the favour and she invited us back again. this time as a friend.

Here we are, me, Sesselja, our new friend and Ari, her son enjoying a ‘wild’ hot spring bath !

2022-01-15 20.41.59 (1)


@Colin that looks a lot like the natural hot spring we visited in Iceland. There was a long wooden boardwalk to the point where you entered the spring and then a little further along was where the hot part of the spring was. Lovely and toasty warm. The downside was that you had to go back through the cold part to the steps and then across the boardwalk. This was particularly invigorating on the foggy, drizzly day we visited.

We visited before AirBnB was around. We stayed at various farms that rented out rooms. They probably are AirBnBs now!

We rode Icelandic ponies who have an unusual gait called “tolt” where both legs on the same side of the pony move at the same time - it certainly felt strange! They do also trot like ponies everywhere else in the world where legs at opposite “corners” move at the same time. We even crossed a river and my pony, being the shortest, had to swim!

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I’d be super interested in a sit in Iceland but unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to do February. However, the few Icelandic sits I have seen have attracted tons of applicants so I don’t think your friend would have any problem getting a sitter!

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The 5 gaits of the Icelandic horse :slight_smile:

New Lagoon in Kopavogur Icleand

@Debbie - This was 2015 on our first visit - I remember the boardwalk was just being put down to help people get in - and a couple of open air changing rooms that only had 2 sides so did little to help with modesty :joy:
We didn’t ride, but one of the Airbnbs we stayed at was a pony trecking hostel - I felt about 12 again sleeping on top bunk !