Inappropriate messages

I would have reported him to the police, never mind THS.

@eco1988 Where a complaint has been made against a member, perhaps their membership is temporarily suspended until there is an outcome.

Update from THS: Having reviewed the message, they say that they understand the concern but and acknowledge that the message could have been misinterpreted but they have decided that it was an attempt at “humour”. It may well have been but totally inappropriate and unwanted. He was given no indication that this type of “humour” would be welcomed.

They’ve also said “the member in question is no longer part of the community so there may be no reason for any concern moving forward”. I take this to mean that he has chosen to leave the site rather than him having been removed.

I don’t discriminate against single men, I’m just more wary of them. How they appear in their application matters and in this case, it seems I was right to reject him considering he’s on the hunt for a wife and not to just look after animals!

It’s a big deal allowing any stranger to stay in your house so you have to feel comfortable from the first message! Don’t take it personally if people aren’t getting back to you, especially single women, think about why it might be, which will have nothing to do with you personally, and then think about what you can do to get put them more at ease with your application :slight_smile:


That is very troubling.

Maybe if he’s no longer a member, it’s moot? Do you remember whether he had all his verifications checked?

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Thanks for the update.

Where are you at with the experience?

If the response from THS is accurately portrayed, we find the THS response very disturbing that it was dismissed as an “attempt at humor”. Just not acceptable between 2 individuals who do not know each other. Very disappointing response by someone at THS.


What THS should have is a block button in the messaging system.


Agree 100 percent. Very discouraging, dismissing/minimizing the discomfort of OP. "Oh he was joking.’ Esh.
Sounds like people in Member Services need to read The GIft of Fear by Gavin deBecker.


Thanks for the update. Too bad there’s no “wow” or “disgusted” emoji.



An attempt at humor, eh?

Trusted Housesitters, I have a question for you. What gender were the decision makers?


I decided against a sitter this time. My dogs are in a new daycare that does boarding that they like so after my experience at Christmas, I decided against a sitter this time. I just don’t have the energy to be dealing with someone while I’m away for this long, it’s much easier to have them board and have a neighbour feed the cats. A lot harder on my pocket but easier on my mind

I can’t 100% remember but I’m pretty sure he did

Gotcha. I understand.
Peace of mind is the true priority…

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Bye Felicia. He needs to go and go fast. This is ridiculous!

Yes! That’s what I was looking for, a block and/or report button… doesn’t exist though

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The person who served as the messenger was a woman… no idea about whether or not she was involved in actual decision making…

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Frontline customer service reps typically do not make decisions in a dispute scenario. Complaints are passed to supervisors who make decisions, and the rep passes along the message. My question to THS still stands.


@eco1988 I suggest if you wish THS to take a more thorough look at this harassment rather than just brush it off as humorous - you can raise a member dispute .

Entitle the e-mail “MEMBER DISPUTE” so there can be no doubt about the action you want THS to take . That is you want a thorough investigation .

Please report back on the outcome.


The response is verbatim. I tried to attach a screenshot of THS response but apparently they don’t allow that!