Inappropriate messages

Hello everyone,

I’m sorry that the OP did not get the outcome from THS that they had hoped for, I passed that back to the Membership Services team.

I wanted to jump on here and remind the community of the forum user Guidelines:

Let’s keep our space welcoming and safe for everyone here. Prejudice isn’t allowed. Please refrain from negative comments about age, race, religion, culture, or personal identity.

We shouldn’t be creating comments just to make assumptions about the decision-makers or attack certain genders. That goes against the Posting Terms and Guidelines

It’s great that the community is supporting the OP, but please can future comments keep the Guidelines. The team appreciates that. Thank you!


uncomfortable response. not something to joke about. creepy


I would re-report to it to THS as harassment. it was an unwelcome sexual comment, and completely inappropriate use of the platform.

ask for it to be escalated