Inbox update - June 2024 Release

Just sharing the updated help desk inbox articles link here :smiling_face:

I cannot type a message as the HELP icon is in the way and I can’t see what I’ve typed. But the big thing is that the message will NOT send . Tried 3 times.
Luckily I did not lose a potential sitter because I finally saw that I could use the “old” email method. I could not send a message with the new system . I hope you get this worked out before you MAKE us use the new way. Very frustrating!

Hello @JSCS1 Sorry that you are having trouble sending a message in the new inbox. Can you let me know what device you are using?

The send button is the green button with an arrow next to where you type and the help icon should sit more to the right on the desktop version.

Once I know the device (and version if possible) you are using I will pop a note to the team. Thank you!

Membership Services can also log in to your account and see if they can send the message for you if you let them know the message and recipient. They can then check if everything is working as it should be :slight_smile:

I too had problems sending a message as the help box overlapped the Send button. Madness
I have swapped back to the original Inbox.

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They need to fix the text box so that it expands. I’m not going to send an email if I can’t see the entire email at once. I’m pretty sure this issue was brought up in the testing phase. All this time put into an overhaul of the message system and the most important part - actually sending messages - gets a tiny little space and is now barely functional.


As with any other text box, e.g., a review box (or even this very box I am writing in now), there seems to be a pattern. It only begs the question: why would THS (or anybody else for that matter) make text boxes unusable, inadequate for entering text, even less so for editing, and a nightmare for visibility and control? After all, communication is supposed to be key. So why hinder it?


I have to add my two cents worth on the new inbox. I use it on my iPad and turned upright (or portrait) the send button is hidden by the help button. And turned landscape the text box is tiny and quite difficult to use.

Thank you!


Hello everyone :wave:

I have passed on the feedback about the help icon overlapping the message box and the size of the text box. If I need any device information I will let you know thank you :slight_smile:


@JSCS1 @Itchyfeet @Rhonda Just a quick update for you, this appears to be a small glitch that the team are looking into. Hopefully, it will be resolved soon :slight_smile:


Thank you, Carla!

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I just discovered something today about the new inbox that is definitely not a good feature and I’m hoping that the THS team can correct this. I was about to apply on a local sit tonight but had a feeling that I had applied on this sit about a year ago and the homeowners just hit the “decline” button. I wouldn’t be bothered on applying again to sit for homeowners who didn’t have the courtesy to even acknowledge my application. I went as far as to “apply” and didn’t see any previous messaging between myself and the homeowners in the new inbox layout but when I reverted back to the old inbox I was able to see that I did in fact apply and was declined. Is there some way that this feature can be set up in the new inbox?


Ooh, yes. I’ve gone to apply and then found previous communication, which changed my mind. Must have, for sure! I use to mark those conversations with a label and that’s no longer available either. :frowning:

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Hi @lifephasenext
Have you pressed the button which lets you use the old inbox?
I have done this and am able to use my beloved labels again

There is one good thing about the new inbox on the website…the photos of those you are communicating with are larger. As a sitter, the photos of the homeowners have mostly been useless to me because they were so tiny. Now, I can actually see the homeowners as well as (I presume) they can see me.


No, haven’t bothered since I knew it would be going away anyway. I participated in the beta and they said, at that time, that labels would not be part of the new inbox.

We withdrew our application on the app for a sit last night as we’ve been invited to another one. The message that I sent along with withdrawing the application isn’t appearing in the new inbox. I can see it in the app and when I revert to the old inbox but not in the new inbox as of this morning.

@Globetrotter & @avocadotoast I will make sure that I pass these back to the team. Thank you and Happy Friday!

@AnnieNai Thank you for your feedback :smiling_face:

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@HelloOutThere Just an update for you. The glitch where you could not see the continue button after selecting your dates (unless you zoomed in) is now fixed.

@JSCS1 @Itchyfeet @Rhonda The glitch where the help icon sits over the message send button has now been fixed.

Thank you everyone for your patience!

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Thanks Carla!

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THS has modified the Inbox, at least for sitters.

Again, like with other improvements, the new layout is actually a deterioration: the overview is overloaded. And there is, another time, less information for sitters than it used to be before: I can now only read the names of the house owners, the location is omitted.

I want to know from THS: what is the intended purpose of this policy to make sitters get less and less access to viable information???

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