Inbox update - June 2024 Release

Hi @Carla
This morning I received a private invitation to sit for a weekend in July.
I am already on a sitting for all of their dates and the Apply button does say “You are busy on another sit”
However, I thought that no-one could send me an invite if I was “busy”?


Thanks for the tag @Itchyfeet You are right they should not be able to invite you if you already have a confirmed THS sit for those dates. it might be a glitch? I can’t look into it as your forum email is not your registered THS one. Can you pop a request through to Membership Services so they can look into it? Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hi @Carla I suspect this may be another universal system ‘glitch’ as I received an invitation 8 days ago for dates that we are already booked out for on our calendar. I had forgotten that with the new inbox this should not occur any more.


I got an invite (maybe more than one actually) in the past week that crossed with dates we are booked too.


Thank you @Shannon & @Brightlight that is helpful to know and as a few are reporting this it does sound like a glitch so I will make sure I pass it along as well and I will share any replies here. :smiling_face:

Thank you @Itchyfeet for mentioning it so others could say it was happening to them as well!

Hello, I have a couple of updates on your issues for you.

@KenandMary1998 @Brightlight The faded text you see on your messages when using the app has been investigated and is an Android issue with some versions. The team are working directly with Android to help resolve this. I hope this can be resolved soon and I will keep you updated here.

@Itchyfeet @Brightlight @Shannon it appears that the issues with owners still being able to invite you when you are already booked for a THS site is due to the old inbox still being active. This should be resolved when the old inbox is retired next week. They are also checking the app functionality around this as well.

Thank you for raising it :slight_smile:

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@Carla Thank you for the update. :slight_smile:

Honestly, it must be hard to keep the THS app compatible with all the different versions used by Android and iPhones.

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I get same grey’d out screen on an andriod at times, so good to know a fix is in the works. Thanks for the info @Carla

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