Including in house sits the date the sit was added

Hello. I notice on other house sitting websites that the date the posted was listed is often shown. I find this information useful for so many reasons. Would anyone else like to see that information added to each listing? @Angela-CommunityManager, no doubt it has been considered, so can you explain the reason why it’s not added? Thanks :thinking:

I’ve wondered why this is not included too. I understand that the HOs can now pause applications so perhaps ‘paused’ as additional info would be useful to us as sitters too?


Hi @Snowbird I’ve moved your post to Feedback and Ideas and will take up with the Product Team.

@LTD are you suggesting you would like to see a “Paused Applications” status on listings rather than just have them unavailable for applications?

Thank you both.

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Thanks Angela. Oh, I didn’t realize that’s what ‘unavailable for applications’ meant. This forum is quite a learning experience, and I’ve been a member for 7 years :rofl: I always knew the homeowner could pause applications, but didn’t realize that was the message displayed. Is that message new?

Yes, ‘Applications Paused’ or words to that effect.

Apologies @Snowbird if my reply confused, there is no message displayed … I meant that sitters could no longer apply when applications are paused.

Ah, OK, that’s the way I remembered it to be. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Angela-CommunityManager At some point we recall that listings used to have wording that indicated that homeowners were reviewing applications. It was helpful, as now we’re never quite sure if a homeowner is reviewing apps or if they’ve found a sitter already. We’d love to see that feature come back :grinning:


@ScrewTheAverage I totally agree. ‘Reviewing applications’ was clear and to the point. I vote to bring that back too :clap:


I agree. I liked that wording too.

@Angela-CommunityManager Am I correct in thinking that once a HO has confirmed a sitter all the other applications are automatically told - so if we have not been informed then the vacancy is still open?


@Snowbird and @LTD these are both excellent ideas.


Yes indeed…

Hi Colin when an owner confirms their sitter other applicants receive an email to let them know and encourage them to apply for other sits.


@Angela-CommunityManager This has always been the behavior we thought was in place (receiving a decline if another sitter was chosen), but there are the occasional times we don’t receive an email notification. Maybe it’s when an owner decides to cancel their dates?

On the surface it would seem sufficient that sitters are informed when another sitter is chosen. However, there seems to be ‘edge cases’ that are more frequent now with Covid that sitters are not notified of status updates to the listing because homeowners change or cancel their plans. Ultimately, the more transparency and notifications on both sides is always appreciated and helpful, as they make the process of applying and waiting a bit easier :wink:

So, maybe having a listing status updated to reviewing applications as well an email notification to applicants that a listing has been removed could be considered by the developer team?

Thank you @Angela-CommunityManager for always reading and taking feedback back to the THS team! :revolving_hearts:


Great points as always, thank you.

We impress on members that the key to a successful sit is communication, sometimes in this digital age there are often assumptions made that less is more but this can also leads to self interpretation … or no interpretation at all which is why our member’s feedback is so important and incredibly valued.

Thank you also for the message of appreciation your Forum Team are here to support and we so enjoy interacting with our community members.


I too asked the same question of THS when I joined as I was finding a number of sits still being advertised, then when I applied they suddenly disappeared and I got a message saying I was not successful. Almost like my application had reminded them. THS said they were not considering changing it. So it would be good if THS gave this further consideration.


The original point was not answered yet: Why can’t we see the date a sit was first posted? Many sits remain on the location’s available page for a very long time - and sitters don’t know if this is because they were filled but never taken down or the owner is impossible to please or some other reason. @Angela-CommunityManager

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Thank you @Lauraa it is with the product team and we will feedback with any updates.

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I’m confused. Are confirmed sits automatically taken down from view? There are listings on the location I visit that are months old, some with 50 applicants, some not.