Infinite scroll of listings is gone - is this a glitch?

I just noticed today that the ‘infinite scroll’ of listings, that was introduced a while ago, is gone and we’re back to pagination. Thus having to click to go to page 2 of listings, then page 3, next page 4 etc.

Is this just a temporary glitch or has the page-based view truly returned? I really like the infinite scroll feature - much easier when scrolling through many sits

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Is this using the app or desktop @Bluehorse? I’m assuming the app as desktop still is page by page.

Hi @Bluehorse

Yes, we have been running an a/b test on infinite scroll and have just turned this test off.

This was introduced earlier in the year: Half of our sitter members have to click page by page, and half of our sitter members seeing an infinite scroll view.

We are looking into the results and will confirm whether this feature is returning.

Many Thanks, Ben

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Personally I prefer the page by page approach.
The never ending scroll means that when I click on a listing and then go back it automatically takes me back to the top and not where I left off. Very frustrating.

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Hi @Twitcher -always open sits as a separate tab, that way you don’t have to return the page to the listing overview afterwards

Hi @Ben-ProductManager - I hope infinite scroll returns! It was a relief when it was introduced. No more endless clicking through pages, but just scrolling down. If any option, I’d love to be in the 50% that has the feature…

Thanks for the tip @Bluehorse but my view seems to have returned to page by page today. Who knows what they will decide to go with but just goes to show you can’t please all of the people all of the time :joy: