Insurance for sitter

it is much better to investigate BEFORE any problem than when a big drama occurs (such as a fire) !
I guess all insurances are different, many countries have different rules, I can speak for France only. For people who own a property in France.
It is different if the french sitter has no home, living as a nomad. Then he has to take a personnal liability insurance in order to be fully protected against damages he could provoke (accident in the street, making somebody fall with a dog non attached) in a house which is not his (belonging to friends, owners, parents…)
Otherwise he will be sued.
The liability insurance is automatic when you insure your main residence.
If I’m in my home, my insurance works for the damages caused by my dog in the street (making somebody fall, biting a child, provoking an accident because a car stopped in order nit to kill him If he has run free)
If I leave my home to travel somewhere, if I have sitters in my home, while i’m away, any accident provoked non intentionally by sitters will be THEIR responsability.
because my liability insurance follows me where I go, where I can provoke myself an accident (fall of somebody, breaking or flood in a hotel, etc.)
The same insurance policy cannot protect 2 people at the same time. 2 different locations. It’s logic
Of course if a tree falls after a storm on the roof of my house, the insurance will pay , will not ask the sitter his insurance, but if a sitter forgets to turn off the taps of the bath, provoking a flood, they will not pay me, they will ask HIS insurance, because it is HIS fault. Because it was his responsability
Many sitters ignore that once they keep a dog, he is under their legal responsability. Even if he is not paid to do the job (petsitting).
If the dog is under the responsability of somebody who works (officially) for the owner, like a help, or a gardener, things are totally different.
So better to check all that. Especially when you are a foreigner…

In Germany the insurance goes with the house, not the person using it. So if this happened to my home my insurance would cover it without you having to pay a cent.
@Provence we also have a personal liability insurance which, in this case, would have nothing to do with the insurance for the house itself.
Of course, insurances always will try to find someone to blame but first it will pay for the damage and might look for someone responsible later.
For example, years ago, my parent’s neighbor’s son caused a fire which damaged my parent’s house. Not the insurance of the neighbors had to pay but my parent’s own insurance for their house. The neighbor’s house burned completely down and their insurance also only covered their own house.
…so many “owns” and “theirs”, I hope it’s understandable…

Isn’t this covered by THS insurance?

Have you read it thoroughly ?

I thought I did. It’s extra coverage for owners who must also already have house insurance. Right?

What we decided is this:
There is no guarantee that, in the event of damage, any insurer, or THS, might decide to pursue the sitter for recompense. For that reason we identified an insurer which could, for a reasonable price, give us third party cover. That was our solution.
We are pretty sure this would be an unlikely eventuality, but we wanted to feel a little more secure that damaging something expensive – such as a £500 coffee machine, or even a £250,000 house – would not make us paupers.

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That’s probably a good idea. Maybe I’ll look into that.