Interesting News From Spain

Spain is already known for its afternoon siestas, but now the country may take a new approach to work-life balance with the introduction of a permanent four-day workweek.

The idea was proposed by Spanish political party Más País and recently received government approval for a pilot program trialing the shortened workweek. The exact details of the pilot program are still being discussed among government officials, but Errejón’s party has proposed a three-year, 50-million-euro project that would allow companies to try reducing their hours with minimal risk.


Didn’t Iceland test this already?

That is fabulous as long as they don’t make the work days longer! People need more down time, to reflect, create, recover.

Wont be easy to make the work day any longer that than it currently is. I dont know many countries where many often leave the office at 19.30/20.00 :frowning: