Is there a "check my listing?" option?

After reading a few comments from sitters about HOs, I was wondering if there is a way for a HO to post their profile (I meant “listing”) to the community for some Sitter feedback?

I’d like to know if there are gaps in the information I provide, or if what I list is too much / too little. Also the recent post about profile pics (and other photos) is interesting.

@Provence I believe @DantesDame is asking if there is a way to get feedback on her listing, which she has referred to as her “Profile”

Thanks, Angela. That is correct.

To answer your question @DantesDame we don’t allow listings or profile links on the Forum however you can upload the link into your Forum profile and also communicate with other members via Direct Message.

Coco, Sproket and Loki are adorable and you have great feedback from previous sitters. Perhaps including the fact that you have a guide to some of the other highlights of Basel and mention a couple. Pets are always a sitters priority but knowing what other attractions there are within easy access to the apartment … also the bicycle if it’s available to sitters.

"I felt at home during my whole stay in that well equipped apartment under the rooftop in the quiet and pleasant neighbourhood. I worked on my laptop and explored the city and its beautiful surroundings on their wonderful bike that I was generously allowed to use.
Basel is worth a visit in many respects, and if you need it the information pack that the couple has prepared for the sitters will carry you far.
There’s nothing but to wholeheartedly suggest sitting for “@DantesDame

It’s always good to get fresh eyes on listings and profiles … even the smallest suggestion can make a difference.

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As someone who has now started traveling with a vehicle, I find it very helpful when the owner includes parking information. Some places are obvious if they’re in the countryside or from the pictures. But in a city it may not be so obvious.


Definitely yes! Good point, @CreatureCuddler. Please include the parking situation in your listing. I need to know how feasible it is to have a car at your home.

As someone that does not drive we like to know the distance from the nearest train station - and also if there is a supermarket within walking distance

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Thanks for the replies. I have learned over the years that there are a few things that should be mentioned:

  • parking?
  • coffee machine?
  • hair dryer? (this one I had to add recently after I had someone ask. And no, I do not have a hair dryer)
  • public transportation

Personally, I think that my listing is pretty comprehensive, but then again, I’m not a sitter coming to my house :smiley:

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