Issues editing my application on the app

I have done 2 sit applications today and finding it impossible to edit when I wanted to correct a spelling mistake. It just kept bouncing me between a blank screen and the confirm and sed page. New glitch?

Hi @MaggieUU. I just tried editing an application on the app and didn’t have any issues, so help me understand where you are in the process. Are you wanting to edit prior to submitting the application or after? If prior, have you already clicked on the Continue button on the Write your application page?

Already clicked on continue but haven’t clicked on send. I have been able to click on ‘edit’ and make changes at this point before but not today.

Hi @MaggieUU. Just now I was able to edit an application after hitting Continue but before hitting Send (eg, on the Check your application screen). Are you seeing the “edit” link at the upper right of your application on that screen?

@Therese-Moderator do you know if uninstalling and reinstalling the app helps with this issue?

Hi @MaggieUU
I wanted to follow up on @Karen-Moderator question. Have you experienced any further issues going forward. If so, please do dm me and I can take it up with membership services.
Best wishes

I haven’t had the opportunity to make any more applications that I needed to edit before submitting so I cannot answer if it is still a problem.