Just chat…Autumn/Spring Splendor 2022

I’ve been housesitting for almost 10 years but not full time, only for holidays. We are getting so many repeat visits that some years we may only choose one new one as we still go on other holidays too. I just joined the forum a couple of months ago but getting tired of the HO vs sitter arguments and having to defend ‘vacation’ sitters.

My 25/8 was great as I bought a fantastically discounted HH water and wind proof long outer shell coat for our 5 month UK trip in November. Can’t wait to try it out in just over 3 months.


:scream: I venture to the northern hemisphere in a month…

This weekend, running in Naseby(Otago) & thankfully no snow forecasted, perhaps just a bit coolish/windy :+1:.


Part of the highway between Labrador City and Quebec City. Half of it is dirt track, about 200km. Interesting day……


Today @Brigitte and I met up and spent a delightful afternoon chatting and getting to know each other. I love meeting wonderful pet sitters and owners in all the fabulous places I visit!


@Amparo, I think I ve just agreed a sit that you did recently - with Dilly and Dandy in Shropshire.

Hi All, I’m new to THS, but I don’t feel like starting a new “Hello” thread, so forgive me for introducing myself here, in a general chit chat thread.

From the moment I learned about THS, it just felt like the right thing to jump into with both feet. Initially it was about travel (Say what?! I can travel and only pay travel costs?!). But from my very first sit it became much more about pets. How could it not be, when they accept us as their (temporary) pet parent so readily and wholeheartedly and their well being is so depends on us?

I’m also loving this community and the opportunity to connect, learn, debate, and ask questions - I have just got my first two HO’s reviews yesterday, and, I tell you, they wouldn’t be so glowing, if I haven’t had a chance to read this forum prior starting out. So lovely to meet you all x



There was an eight sails mill and brewery :yum: on my last sit in Lincolnshire. They do the tours of the mill there, but I got stuck in the pub garden, so will have to do that sit again some time to see the mill from the inside lol

We are thoroughly enjoying the cooler temps the last week, and really welcomed the rain. We figured after years of hearing how much rain the UK endured, in years gone by, we would see more. Who knew our first long term visit would coincide with a drought. We’ve watched the HO’s lawn turn a beautiful shade of green almost overnight. Long pants and socks have gotten a workout after 3 months of endless sundresses. Preparing ourselves for the use of a down coat (that I’ve been schlepping around all summer) and those frigid temps in Iceland and Greenland in September :cold_face:. Yay for changing weather and all it entails!!!

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@Petermac - I’m holding back asking the 6" vs 12" question !

@anon36831737 your post just brought back great memories of our many visits to Yokohama…
we love the Cup Noodles Museum :+1:t2::sweat_smile:… Japan is truly fascinating!

Found this yummy Moomin Stand there too


‘Rescue me’.
We have a show tomorrow.


This is hanging around the race area of the event i’m at as a giggle for all the runners doing the 100k+ events :sweat_smile::running_woman::running_woman:. A bit frosty this morning but sun’s out &a lovely day ahead.


We visited an amazing ‘monolithic’ church in Bordeaux region in France today. A church carved out of stone. Apart from being amazingly large and well-lit, it was also about 10 degrees cooler than outside, so it was a nice cool change. Then we had galettes (salty crepes from buckwheat flour)


Although we are in a small town, and options are not the same as our previous sit, I was able to find a small salon yesterday for a pedicure (I’ll spare you the photo of the polished results :wink:) :footprints: Part of my prep for cruising, is to treat myself to some pampering, before boarding. Not sure who I’m kidding, these newly polished toes may never see the light of day, during our chilly crossing! Next step, laundry and begin packing. :luggage:


Ok, beat this for an absolutely wonderful day.

Three, yes 3, sits confirmed in the space of one afternoon
……… I have the power ………


Yes you do! :raised_hands::sparkles::tada:

Just around Ontario and eastern sea board US. Still looking for a sit in Vermont to complete the eastern states.
Our ambition is to visit every State in the US and Province in Canada over the next 18 months.


What a great story. I love it! :slight_smile:

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Okay, this is my first day on the forum and I’m not sure what “the test” is?

@adamcchristie “the test” is currently the hottest topic in town and relates to THS’s test of pausing home owner listings when 5 applications are received. See the thread called “Pausing Applications Test” You may want a drink in hand as it has 458 comments!

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