Late cancellation

Hello, I had a sitter set up for May and she cancelled this week. Having a hard time finding anyone else and also navigating the site. Any advice would be greatly appreciated on how to get a sit in Colorado!

Hi @MomRN - your post is slightly confusing as you talk about a sitter and also a sit?

could you clarify whether you are the sitter or the home host? Are you trying to get a sit or a sitter?

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Welcome to the forum @MomRN ,

So sorry to hear of your cancellation. I am a sitter and just had a May sit cancel, as well.

Why don’t you add your listing to your forum profile. It will get more visibility and forum members may be able suggest ways to reach more sitters.

Here are the directions:
How to add your listing or profile to your forum profile

Sorry for the confusion. I am the home host and my confirmed sitter cancelled.

@MomRN As requested your THS home listing has been added to your forum profile so that other members can offer you feedback and tips :smiling_face: