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I finally met up with @Vanessa-ForumCMgr yesterday in a cafe in Brighton, before the start of the THS conference she was attending. We had a great laugh and lots to talk about. Will look forward to meeting up again and hopefully Ian too.


A lovely photo of you both @Smiley and I understand the choice of your forum name :wink:


Lovely photo @Smiley thank you so. much for sharing … Now is that tea or coffee?

@temba You are sooo right. I think I laughed non stop for nearly 2 hours in the presence of @Smiley - a very happy few hours spent chatting all things house sitting! It’s been a lovely end to my visit back to England meeting up with some of our members over the past couple of days, and I hope you all get to continue the trend through the year and enjoy some special times together around the world!


Tea for me (I hate the taste of coffee) but coffee for Vanessa :blush:


@Vanessa-ForumCMgr You can tell how much you were enjoying each other’s company and so relaxed. You’ve had a wonderful last few days connecting with members but you’ll be looking forward to returning to France. The forum has given members the opportunity to connect and already I have a couple of members I’m hoping to meet when I arrive in England mid year.


We must try to meet up then before I leave for downunder! :blush:


Would love to @Smiley

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I just had a lovely dinner at the Cheesecake Factory in Escondido with full time sitter members, Kim & Jack.

We talked the hind legs off this particular donkey and Jack still had time for a very impressive piece of Caramel Cheesecake … thank you both, safe and happy travels, enjoy your next sit.

Ok so the pictures don’t tell this meet up story … I forgot to take a pic :upside_down_face:




A wonderful dinner with a few owner members on Bainbridge Island, WA … members who began their pet’s THS journey in Las Vegas & San Diego CA … now at home in the Pacific Northwest.


Looks great. Will probably get to housesit in the US and Canada (popping between the two after 90 days!) in 2024/25……

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As we are currently in Sheffield (UK) me, my husband Karyo, and Molly the dog were delighted yesterday to be able to meet up and spend the afternoon with fellow sitters Lynne ( AKA @Twitcher ) and her husband Graham who are local to this area. The time flew by and we had many laughs sharing and comparing our house sitting stories. It is always really inspiring to be in the company of sitters that are much more experienced than us - Thank you Lynne & Graham for your lovely company - A good time was had by all!


A fabulous photo Colin.
I have met Lynne through the Forum and we subsequently realised we have done the same sittings on a couple of occasions


It’s a small house sitting world :grinning:


I was lucky to be able to met up with @Smiley today. We have the same home town, and a regular sit had brought her back close to home.

We had a lovely hour exchanging stories about house sits in a very sunny pub garden. A little too sunny for a flattering selfie, or maybe that’s just my poor photography skills!

It was lovely to chat about different types of pets and all things house-sitting.

I look forward to hearing about Smiley’s further travels this year on the forum, especially New Zealand. Hopefully we’ll meet up again when our paths next cross.


Lovely photos @Colin @Debbie thank you so much for sharing … and for remembering to take which may sound like a very odd thing to say but it happens, as I well know!! :rofl: :camera_flash:

Eight years ago I was living in Vancouver, Canada and applied for a three week sit in LA … today we had the loveliest day, at home in Scotland, with Eileen and Brian, the LA owners and now our dear friends who are visiting from CA.

We have shared many moments together since that first sit, sadly Stella is no longer with us but her memory and place in our hearts will live furrever :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you Stella :dog: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :us: :dog: …the little dog who brought four humans together for a lifelong friendship … and today they also got to meet our granddaughter Grace.


Met up with @Creaturecomforts today in Ludlow. Jill is housesitting in Leominster & I’m in Church Stretton so conveniently met half way. We talked and laughed non stop for 3 hours and Wookie enjoyed herself too, with a bus ride there and train ride back


or is it GRRRRRREAT for dogs? :rofl:
Beautiful ladies!

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What lovely pics @Smiley and @Creaturecomforts I’m not sure who has the biggest smile … I think Wookie does after all she’s in the company of amazing sitters who are at her bark and call … Thank you SO much for sharing and for making the meeting happen. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :dog: :uk:

PS Love Ludlow too

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