Mornington Peninsula, Australia new member month house sit

Hello everyone! we are Rebekah and Kylie and live in Frankston South at the start of the beautiful Mornington Peninsula an hour outside Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Initially i am hoping to find a couple to look after our beagle & westie for a month (june to july) whilst we head back to visit my family in the Uk after a long hiatus. We’ve a lovely home in such a nice street, well positioned to reach beaches, countryside walks and numerous amazing wineries. If anyone can provide me with any tips and tricks to ensure our home stands out from the crowd and attract offers we’d be most appreciative!
thank you all R&K


Welcome to THS!

If you add your listing to your profile, we can check it out and give you some tips on making your home stand out. :slight_smile:

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That being said, I was able to find it by searching for Frankston and on initial glance, it looks excellent. You have great, clear photos of your cute pups as well as the most important rooms a sitter likes to see (bedroom, living area, kitchen, outdoor space etc). Your write up is detailed and informative and for me at least, the grand piano and the pool, are definite draws. :grinning:

I hope you find some great sitters soon!

thank you! maybe someone will dust off the piano keys and sing to the dogs! now i’m struggling to find where to edit my profile and add the link…i’ll get there! thanks for your guidance and kind feedback.

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Hi @RebekahKW and a warm welcome to the forum from a Vic sitter. Great to see another Aussie HO on the forum! I’ve seen your listing and it looks a lovely home with two gorgeous dogs. Just checking is the photo of the bedroom and bathroom what the sitter will use as we like to see these? Also you have described the location well but not included anything about the house which is important where the sit is for a month and over winter. Unless the pool is heated, it’s not going to be an attraction during winter so think about what features there are that make this a great winter sit. All the best.

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hello! thanks for your great feedback - i’ve jumped back into the listing and updated with specifics (just realised i forgot to mention the study/office…best tidy up before i head off!) around heating, bedrooms, bathrooms, outside etc thank you as very valid! the pool is delightful to look at but yes too cool during winter…but may lure people to read the listing was my thought process! thanks again for your invaluable feedback.