Multiple sit sites?

About ready to join THS, but have one more important question. We are snowbirds and have a place in Florida and a place in West Virginia. My question is can we use both home sites for potential sits as we split time between the two locations throughout the year?

Thanks in advance…Diggingator

@Diggingator Welcome - As far as I know you can only put one location at a time ; but you can amend it . So you will need to change the listing location each time that you list dates .

You can add a note to the listing also … However majority of sitters will search for a sit by location . So you will need to amend to the correct location and add the photos of the correct property each time .

There are other homeowners with two homes that do this and have no problem in getting sitters . Sometimes it even works out so well for both parties that same sitters do both locations

Hi @Diggingator. Welcome to the forum. Yes, there are a number of owners on THS with two homes. You might be able to swing it with one account, but it will require extensive editing of your listing (pics and description) when listing for the other house. It’s recommended to have two accounts, one for each house. Here is an earlier discussion: