My sits problem

Hi,is there a problem with the app? I can’t bring up my sits :tired_face:

Hi @MarieHuggins, I notice you’ve raised this in a couple of new threads. Check out the thread already on ‘Disappearing Reviews’.

It works fine for me

@MarieHuggins yes, massive problems

@Crookie are you having same problem?

@temba hi. I dont have missing reviews…my next sit is missing. All the dates, details.

@MarieHuggins No, my problem is with the saved searches showing incorrect results.

Sorry @MarieHuggins, I misunderstood. So many members having problems with the app!!

@MarieHuggins So sorry to hear you are having this issue, I would reach out to the Membership Services team at and tell them exactly what is happening and they can view your account. I hope it gets sorted for you soon.

@MarieHuggins were you able to get this problem fixed ?