New badges for sitters

Over the last few days I have noticed new ‘badges’ against the sitter’s profile. I think I have worked out what they stand for.
Just in my local area there are 134 sitters and when I filter on those with verifications it drops to 120. My question is - does that mean 14 sitters are now unable to apply for new sits? I ask this because I am still unsure if the new EvIDent checks now apply to all sitters or just USA based sitters at the moment.


By the way @Angela-CommunityManager I am based in the UK. Also do the HO have the option of contacting non verified sitters? Thank You

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I will start by saying that this is my personal opinion.

I am a sitter. As such, I don’t concern myself with the status of other sitters. I have no interest in spending time analyzing sitter data. I have no interest in what status others have, depending on their choice of membership levels, active or inactive, or how that affects their rights.

My focus is on selecting sits that interest me, and that I feel I am a good fit for. I then focus on creating an application that I think will highlight my strengths. I recognize that someone else may be chosen. That’s also a homeowner’s rights. I accept that gracefully and move on to the next opportunity. I’m like a kid in a candy store when it comes to the selection and opportunities THS offers me. :slightly_smiling_face:


I was not giving an opinion - it was a legitimate question which concerns sitters that are not verified. How I use the information on the site is my business and how you use it is yours so we will have to agree to disagree.


I’m not sure how accurate is that information and if we are allowed to discuss it in an open forum. I would like to learn more…

Here is the breakdown for California
General Search (no filters)- 3145 sitters
When I apply a filter “Verification” - 2896 ( this number includes a mix of both ID & Background verified)
When I apply a filter “Member Reviews” - 1431 sitters



This is an interesting question. When I look at myself, I see the “background checked” badge, but I know I also submitted my ID for verification as part of the process. My guess is that those who have been background checked are in the us and have ID, those with only ID verification are either outside of the US or are US sitters who only verified ID, and those with no badge didn’t complete the Evident process.


Example of the two badges and none:

@Therese-Moderator @Angela-CommunityManager Any confirmation on this?

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@Twitcher @thejohnsfam … and other members looking at this questionI’m going to let @Ben-ProductManager answer when he is back online. He is only too happy to engage in conversations with our community but at the moment he’s at the company conference.

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With all due respect, I think the THS member was simply wanting to understand what the badges mean, especially in light of the fact that many of us have recently been required to complete 2 new verifications. It should be easier to figure out what the badges mean (just my personal opinion).


I have communicated a lot with TH about this policy. As of 3/16 they said that non-US sitters are not currently being “verified” but they plan to start some process.

Hi @victoriamck it is the Criminal Background Check that is specific to US sitters

Hi @Twitcher only verified sitters can apply for or accept an invite to sit

Thank you @Angela-CommunityManager - does that apply to all non verified sitters worldwide?

If you hover over them on desktop, it tells you what they mean.

Yes it does @Twitcher

Hi @BunnyCat - the verifications box seems to have disappeared now!

Hi @Twitcher, I just checked it too. For all the emphasis on mandatory verifications by THS, to now see the box heading changed from Verifications to Experience and then no Verifications mentioned at all, only Member Reviews and Pet Sitting Experience, needs some explanation I feel. Hopefully @Therese-Moderator or @Lucy-Moderator can shed some light on this.

@temba @Twitcher I’m not sure what box you are talking about, but I still see sitters verifications, both on the main sitter search page and under their names on the right hand side of the sitters listing.

Sitter Search Page:

Right hand side of the sitters profile:

On the website on computer, when an owner goes into Find a Sitter from their Dashboard, they can search sitter by location (left side) but then on the right side under their profile photo, there are 3 boxes - Dates, My Pets, Experience. Experience has obviously only just replaced Verifications. When Experience is clicked, the drop down now only shows Member Reviews and House Sitting Experience whereas it used to include Verifications. Sorry I couldn’t include a photo of this @thejohnsfam. The app does not show this.

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We are Canadian. Our profile shows that we are “background checked” on both the app and the website.

On the app, if I click on Background, it says:

  • Background checked
  • ID Verified
  • Email verified
  • Phone number verified

On the website, it shows we have:

*Email verified
*Phone verified
*ID verified
*3 external references
*Criminal background check

Hi - if you look at @BunnyCat post at the end of March it shows how it used to look.
It is when the HO uses filters to search for a sitter but they cannot filter on verifications now as it has been changed to experience.
I don’t understand the change as I was told that HO cannot contact members without the required verifications anyway.