New HS from Slovenia

Hi everyone, my name is Mojca and I live in Ljubljana, Slovenia. I love to travel and I love animals. Now that Covid restrictions are over (for now) I would like to travel again. I got the idea of house & pet sitting on TikTok and immediately went to the THS page and became a member. My first choice for summer vacation is Scotland, but I’m also open to other destinations. As long it’s not too hot there:slightly_smiling_face: I haven’t seen any Slovenian people here, so if someone from Slovenia finds this post please contact me to share some of your experience. I would also like to talk to some experienced members, so, if anyone is willing to share their experience please contact me.

I have experience with dogs (owned one) and cats (sitting for my friend). I would love to get a chance for my first house & pet sitting this summer. I don’t own any animals at the moment but would love to take care of and cuddle with some floofs.


Are you open to traveling to the US? There are literally tons of sits available, in some beautiful areas.

Hi @Moybella welcome to our community forum and thank you for sharing some lovely photos in your introduction you can also add your profile link to your forum profile, this link explains how How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile that way everyone will be able to “meet” you properly … well just as an owner you apply to sit will.

There are many sitting opportunities all over the world but especially in the UK just as everyone is learning to travel again.

Explore the conversations on the forum and you will gain some very valuable insights from our members also if you have questions ask and they will be answered, our community are both helpful and supportive.

Welcome again.

Angela and the Team

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Hi Mojca and welcome to this wonderful housesitting community. You’re going to have a fabulous time!
I would love to visit Slovenia one day…
Scotland is a fabulous country and someone counted up all the sits there the other day….quite a few! Just be warned that July & August are the worst months for midges (mosquitoes) in lots of Scotland:

Good luck and let us know how you get on.

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Hello @Moybella and welcome to TrustedHousesitters and the community forum. We just visited Slovenia and were blown away with its beauty and such friendly hospitable people, we will definitely be returning!
I think you will love Scotland also and fingers crossed you will secure a sit there very soon. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello and welcome @Moybella (beautiful name)
As many have said, the world is opening up offering opportunity to those have a true desire to broaden their life experiences.
Have fun exploring and feel free to share and join in the conversations.

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Hi @Ladygreynius . Thank you for the reply. I am open to traveling to US, but it would have to be in states where it is not too hot in the summer. I like cooler places.

Hi @Angela-HeadOfCommunity. Thanks for welcoming me into the community. I’ve tried adding my THS profile link to my forum link. I hope I did it right because it doesn’t look similar to the example link in the instructions. I copied the dashboard link. I still have to get used to this page.

@Moybella Just picking up on your message to Angela pending her arrival back on line, to let you know that I’ve modified your link so that it shows your profile correctly … Lovely pictures btw!! All the best, Vanessa

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Hi, @Smiley Thanks for the warning about the midges in Scotland. I wasn’t aware of this issue.
You are most welcome to visit Slovenia. It’s a beautiful country. Most people who come here are impressed. We have astonishing nature, delicious food, lots of things to do, and nice people.

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@Samox24 thanks for welcoming me. I’m so glad you liked Slovenia. It really is beautiful. If you decide to return let me know and we can meet.

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@Vanessa-ForumCMgr thank you so much for your help!


That would be lovely thank you. Will keep you posted.

Hi, @Amparo, and thanks for your kind words. I can see you are quite experienced as a house and pet sitter. Any quick advice for first-time sitters?

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We arent that hot in May, although by August it is scorching.

Hi @Moybella
There is a great thread with a lot of insight from many of our members here where you will also find my contributions then.
“ 1. Serve - focus on accommodating the needs of those you wish to serve and serve them well.
2. Know yourself - what is it you are really wanting to accomplish in doing this?
What are your preferences with animals, places, people? What experiences do you want to have?
3. Be respectful, responsible and trustworthy
4. Believe you can do and go wherever you desire in your ideal place with your ideal pets and homeowners.
5. Rock it out! :hatching_chick:
Which I still hold as my best advice.
You can learn a lot of the mechanics of setting up a profile, pics and navigating the site but the most important thing is to just be yourself, be kind, open and accepting of our many and varied perspectives. There is no one way to do anything but the best way is to be willing to put yourself out there and learn what you like best and what will work for you.
Thank you for asking.
And do feel free to ask, share and contribute as we all learn from each other.
All the best and have fun!


I’m happy to announce that I’ve got my first sit in the UK! Thanks to everybody for the tips and for welcoming me into the community.


Hi @Moybella that’s wonderful news, congratulations!! Where are you going and what furry family members will you be keeping happy at home? :heart_eyes:

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Hi @Angela-HeadOfCommunity I’m going to East Grinstead in the south of the UK. I will sit two very adorable little dogs and a gorgeous black cat. The host is a lovely woman going on vacation with her daughter and needs a sitter. The house is in the countryside near East Grinstead. A lot of great walking trails, an hour from London and Bristol.

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It sounds like a lovely first sit and you will be in a lovely part of England, Sussex has some wonderful places and the countryside is so peaceful, let us know when you get there, pictures too and if you need any help or advice just ask the community.

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