New member trying to verify

we are a couple going to Spain for a long-term trip. Musicians, artists, photographers, nomads… we will welcome any opportunities in south Spain.

I am however starting to be skeptical towards this application. We paid our membership, but now we cannot verify the account - no support answers, no phone numbers available - just voice message: leave us a message…

So I am trying to type here, maybe somebody will let me know how to proceed, or at least will welcome me at forum and I will believe less that I spend money for a scam :smiley:

Have a great day :slight_smile:

Hi @josef I am so sorry you are having problems. I will email you now from membership services to help you. Kind regards Therese

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Hello @josef and a warm welcome to TrustedHousesitters and our community forum. I’m sorry you’ve had problems verifying your account.

Firstly I’d like to give you some reassurance… TrustedHousesitters has been operating for over 10 years now with many thousands of members all around world - maybe the best place to read about this is from the words of others… here on TrustPilot:

The membership services team are always on hand to help with any issues by email, but I can see that @Therese-MembershipService has already picked up on your query here in the forum. You will be in very good hands :slight_smile:

Enjoy your time in Spain and please do share more about your trip in Spain here in the forum once it’s underway… we love to hear more about our members journeys!! All the best, Vanessa

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Hola @josef
Welcome to the forum. A long trip to Spain sounds like a delightful plan for the expression of your creative talents. I look forward to hearing about your experiences.
As a member since 2018, I have been thrilled with the experiences I have had in 9 countries and I trust that you will find the joy and adventures that you seek once the team gets you sorted out.
All the best and bienvenidos!


Hello Everyone ,

I have the same issue then @josef , i paid the membership but my account is stuck on the verification impossible to contact the support and to get them via the phone numbers

I am a little bit sad because i want to apply for a House sitting but i have until tomorow for apply and i am running out of time right now.

Just because the ID check i will not be able to apply and is very frustating.

Any help will be awesome

Have a great day :slight_smile:

Hi @Matthieu welcome to our community forum, thank you for joining us.

I’m sorry you are having issues, I have tried to find your TrustedHousesitters account through the email you have registered with on the forum, without success we need your registered address in order for the team to locate your account and look into the matter.

Could you Direct Message me your full name and email address please so that I may pass to the team and get you actively applying for sits.

Thank you.

Angela and the Team

Hello @Angela-CommunityManager

Thanks your for your answer i cant direct message you i have this error message :slight_smile:

" Sorry , you cannot send a personal message to that user."

My email is the same on the TrustedHousesitters and the forum

Can you maybe direct message me ? Like this i can give you my private information

Thanks you again for your help