Member verification does not work?


I submitted my passport but it seems “evidentid” verification tool takes ages.
I am currently trying to submit my passport a second time, and I am like waiting for dozens of minutes. Not sure if it is stuck.

I wanted to catsit in London within one to three days, and if I am not verified, I won’t be able to do it.


cc @Vanessa-Admin @Therese-MembershipService @Angela-CommunityManager


Hi @henri welcome to our community forum, I have passed your request over to the Membership Services Team they will connect with you directly via email.

Angela and the Team

I am stuck and “Evident” says the verification had expired and I need to contact TrustedHousesitter’s support team, which I have done, but I have no reply…

Sometimes I get this one… This does not work.

HI @henri Membership Services are aware and will connect with you directly.

Thank you!! I have been verified.