Member verification does not work?


I submitted my passport but it seems “evidentid” verification tool takes ages.
I am currently trying to submit my passport a second time, and I am like waiting for dozens of minutes. Not sure if it is stuck.

I wanted to catsit in London within one to three days, and if I am not verified, I won’t be able to do it.


cc @Vanessa-ForumCMgr @Therese-Moderator @Angela-HeadOfCommunity


Hi @henri welcome to our community forum, I have passed your request over to the Membership Services Team they will connect with you directly via email.

Angela and the Team

I am stuck and “Evident” says the verification had expired and I need to contact TrustedHousesitter’s support team, which I have done, but I have no reply…

Sometimes I get this one… This does not work.

HI @henri Membership Services are aware and will connect with you directly.

Thank you!! I have been verified.


Hi Henri. How did you manage to get verified? I feel like I could be stuck at this stage for the next 300 days. I have found all so called help completely and totally useless and very frustrating.



can you help?

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Hi @Paul2. I’m sorry to see that your first visit to the forum is because of a frustrating experience. I can assure you that, having been a THS sitter for more than 7 years, the help you can receive from THS staff, both here and through the website, can certainly be useful. Unfortunately in life, all of us encounter times when responses are not as quick or easy as we would like.

I do hope that, once this current hiccup is resolved, you go on to enjoy excellent experiences, both as a sitter and as a forum contributor or reader. As always, this warm and friendly community will look forward to hearing of your first sit, and we all love any photos you might then choose to share. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @Paul2 and thank you @RunnerC and @snowbird for stepping in to support Paul.

It’s always disappointing when a new member experience on the forum is because of a less than perfect outcome, but please be assured that the support team is here to support you and will help guide members through the process of verification when the very occasional problem is encountered.

I have just DMd you again, but in case you see this first, the Membership Services team are in contact with you directly by email, so please keep an eye out for that communication… and we look forward to seeing you successfully signed up as a house sitter, and applying for sits, very soon :slight_smile:

All the best
Vanessa and the team

Hi there
We had tremendous issues when we first joined up and spent many hours trying to complete verification. In the end, we gave up! Now, 2 years later, we have tried again since recently receiving an email with new detailed instructions. I’m pleased to say that Mike’s verification was completed but I (Pam) was unable to submit my ID. Am I to assume that as the account is in Mike’s name, I don’t need to complete the last step in the verification process?
Pam (and Mike)

Hi @KiwiSwede sorry that you are having issues as Mike is the account holder and is cleared you don’t have to complete the process.

Yes I have sent my passport details about four times now keep saying it’s not correct going to try again fed up old lady!

Hi @Genevere I am going to direct message you.

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My drivers licence is out of date applied for a new one as it might be easier to copy. Just my passport I’m afraid. Will try again still time before I get kicked out of ths.