‘New’ sits

I’ve also checked one if my saved searches @Carla and the one at the top with the new badge (which appeared yesterday) had a ling list of reviews going back to 2021.

Membership services appear to be giving incorrect or conflicting information. Hopefully you can seek clarification and confirm if this is simply a training issue or advance warning of a worrying change in functionality that will adversely impact homeowners and sitters?


Hi @Silversitters and @Debbie - I wanted to mention @Carla is offline for the rest of the week, so I will pass your feedback/concerns to membership services, so please bear with us. As Carla mentioned, tech is aware of the search issue, and they are busy looking into a fix. We will keep you updated.

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@Snowbird Yes, this is how I understand it as well. It feels like this is the HO’s version of the 5 application limit where newer members are being prioritized over existing ones, for the exact reason that @Cuttlefish and @pietkuip mention.

@Silversitters / @Debbie I may have misinterpreted their words, or maybe they were confused about the state of things. I did also take a look at sits and saw some “new” sits with previous reviews (but have not been tracking them, so I assumed they were boosted) and actually some sits with zero applications and no “low applications” badge or any badge at all. Very inconsistent and confusing. I apologize if the misinterpretation is on my end.

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Wow @adelia
Are you any the wiser?

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Ehh. IME all customer service reps are just following a script and only have a little extra information but no real insight or allegiance to a company. I don’t think the Membership Service representative had any agenda and was probably told in training to be very friendly and compliment the profile of anyone they helped. They still answered all of my questions and probably helped as much as they were able, so I don’t see any reason to villainize them for doing their job :slight_smile:

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Thanks for posting this - I don’t think you have misunderstood.
MS support are stating in this chat that new dates will no longer have a “new “ tag -

it’s all very strange since a few of us noticed a week or so ago that on searches “new” were no longer coming up on top of the list - we were told to raise this with MS and then told they didn’t know why and it was with the tech team .

Now it seems it was a planned change by THS but not communicated to members or even internally to staff soeven the tech team and member services didn’t know this change had happened until now :woman_shrugging:t2:

It doesn’t give me much confidence if THS own tech team and MS aren’t informed ofsignificant changes like this and it comes down to forum members doing some detective work to find out what is going on !!!


That is the problem. It seems that that kind of thing is what is emphasized in their training. Deflection etc.

Well I have read and digested the 2nd response (see below) and I am still no wiser!

It does not answer the question and I am done with going backwards and forwards to Support.

@Therese - as the new sit filter is not working as it should we need to know if it is a policy change or another glitch.

“If you can allow me an opportunity to rephrase my explanation. The reason why you are seeing the same listings and have to scroll through 30 or more listings is because you have not filtered any sits and therefore the system will show you the new and the old sits altogether and the sits that you saw initially will appear at the top of your search page. You will have to scroll all the way down to go to the latest sits as the ones at the top will be “assumed to be your favourite sits”

When I said you could be flexible what I meant is that if you use the find a house sit filters, you will be able to filter the new ones and the old ones according to your preferences. If you do not use the filters you will see both the old and the new listings.

When a member enters new dates they can boost/ relist their dates, when a pet parent un-pauses a sit that was automatically paused, it will have the effect of republishing the listing. That means:

  1. the listing will appear in saved search results
  2. the listing will be boosted up the search results”

@Twitcher well that’s “clear as mud” then!

It reads as if she thinks you haven’t applied any filters. including the “Newest” filter, and she is suggesting that you use the “Newest” filter?

This makes little sense as your issue was the “Newest” filter not working!

Is this a different member of the Support team who has perhaps not read and understood the history and misunderstood the problem?

Perhaps the issue is that some members of the support team are much less familiar with the app/website than experienced members are.

There is a difference between member support queries (e.g. how do I use filters? How do I create a saved search?) and tech support queries (why is my search not functioning in the same way that it used to?) The latter needs a response from a technical team.

Thank you for sharing this! I am paying very close attention to the wording here and trying to interpret it into specifics, as it pertains to a HO posting new dates…

  1. “…they can boost/ relist their dates…”
    → This implies that new dates are not automatically boosted. This is a new behavior.
  2. “…when a pet parent un-pauses a sit that was automatically paused…”
    → This means a HO can’t manually pause and unpause a listing to get a free boost. Not sure if this is new behavior or not, but okay it makes sense.
  3. “…the effect of republishing the listing. That means… the listing will be boosted…”
    → This means published dates will be automatically boosted. Assuming “relist” and “republish” are being used interchangeably, this is the opposite of #1.

My chat transcript with customer support was edited out of my previous posts because you’re not allowed to post private correspondence unless the other party allows it (so this message you shared may disappear too). However you can paraphrase their words, and I will try to do so with this key little snippet without adding any new meaning/bias.

Customer Service: Your listing has the “low applications” badge to attract sitters, rather than the “new” badge.
Me: It was posted only a few minutes ago, so it should say “new”. In my experience, this attracts more sitters than “low applications”. Why do other listings say “new” and mine does not?
Me: Oh I see. So the “new” is no longer applied to new dates, only completely new listings?
Customer Service: Yes, it applies to listings that just joined. When your dates get closer you can boost your listing to get to the top.

This answer I got matches #1 and also doesn’t align with #3. This is fun.

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Hi @Debbie. The reason I don’t contact support very often is because in my experience I never get a straightforward answer to a direct question.

I always keep my enquiry polite, short and to the point so not to confuse.

I couldn’t have made it any clearer. When I use the new sits filter it is not bringing up sits with the ‘new’ label.

It was the same agent for both exchanges.

I still have no clue as to whether it is a change in policy or a glitch. All I do know is that all new listings are not showing the new label and some sits with the ‘Low Applications’ actually have applicants already. #confused.com


Hello, @Twitcher & @adelia I just want to pop on here to reassure any concerns that the issues with the new tag appearing on listings is a system glitch as reported by the tech team. It is not a new feature. The tech team is working on it and when there is a fix we will let you know.

Thank you for your patience :smiling_face:


@Carla - just for information here is the latest observation from customer support. Not sure what geographical areas have got to do with anything.

“When I inquired the answer I got was that the default is ‘recommended’ in which the sits with low applications are boosted, however, you may also select ‘Newest’ when you have clicked on the option ‘Sort by’ in the bar. This will bring up the newest listings but may still include other listings that are a little outside of the inputted geographical area, but it will produce more defined search results.”


@Twitcher clear as mud!

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Hello @Twitcher Thank you for the update. What the agent has mentioned is how the feature works, but I think the issue they are missing is that there has been a bug raised about some listings not having the ‘new tag’ as they should have.

I have popped an internal note previously, but I think this can be a good example of when the forum raises tech issues first Membership Services are not always aware of them (as it hasn’t followed their usual procedures if raised directly with them).

That being said they should understand that you are talking about something different than how the feature works and they should address your concerns about that. I am sorry that didn’t happen, it must be frustrating for you and others who have tried to report the issue. I will pass this back to the team as members should be getting the answers to the questions they are asking rather than just general information about a feature. I appreciate you raising this :smiling_face:


Good grief @Twitcher, the agent haa completely failed to grasp the issue. It seems their script only allows them to answer queries on how to use the app / website. Your reported issue was literally that the “New” filter did not appear to be working, and here they are telling you that it exists!


Tell me about it @Debbie. Like I said previously I never get a direct answer to a direct question EVER from Membership Services.
I had 3 attempts but have given up.
I also don’t bother searching for new sits any longer. I will start looking again when I want something specific.