New sitter from London, England

My name is Noor, I recently completed my PhD from the University of Bath (UK), department of Architecture and Civil Engineering. My research was focused on investigating the role of computational tools in the design of housing for the displaced.
My research’s geographical breath and coverage include Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Peru, Nepal, Turkey, and the UK.
I have been working in an engineering management firm for the past 10 months in London. My employer allows me to work remotely and supports flexible working hours.

I am looking for a change in my living environment. I am very good in communication (love speaking and very extrovert) and I love pets (dogs, cats, donkeys, birds, etc.).

I can drive almost any type vehicles and i can fix some of the stuff in the house ( i am a bit of a DYI or a handyman type of person). I love riding my bike, running and hiking.


Welcome Noor!

Hello Noor,
We live in Cambridge UK are looking for a dog sitter If this is of interest do get in touch by DM Thanks Hazel

Welcome to the forum @Kuchai . TrustedHousesitters can certainly provide a change in your living environment. If you have joined as a sitter, feel free to add your sitter profile to your forum profile/username. If you are not a THS member, you may want to take a look at the various membership plans.

@hazelc also welcome to the forum for the first time. You can embed your listing in your forum username/profile so that forum members can view your listing. Sometimes constructive feedback from other members can make all the difference and help in finding a good fit for your needs. We have many success stories from owners who have done that. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello Noor,

I am new to TH also. Are you interested in visiting the U.S.?

Hello Amy,
Yes but next summer. Thank you for the offer though.
Best regards

Hello @Kuchai, @hazelc and @AmyJean. Welcome to TrustedHousesitters and the forum. We’re glad you’re here. This is where you’ll find the sitters, pet sits, travel opportunities and changes of scenery you’re looking for.
Welcome, and happy travels!