New to site & looking for a sitter on Welsh borders

Hello, I’m new to this site & just wanted to say ‘Hi’ & ask for any advice on getting a sitter. I’ve joined as a member & created a listing (link in my profile) but not had any interest so thought getting onto the forum for any pointers would help.

Hello @Chantal85 and welcome. I’m sure you’ll get some good, constructive advice from the community here, but I just wanted to let you know I have removed the link from your post but added it instead to your forum profile. This is how we ask members to share links in the forum :slight_smile:


Thank you very much :blush:


I love your bathroom wall! :smiley:

And your dogs are both gorgeous. I’m not familiar with the breeds so had to look them up. I think Echo’s ears are winning for me, but Venus’s glossy fur and crumpled face are adorable.

I think it’d be helpful to know if the dogs are happy with days out (by car - do they travel well). I’d possibly mention Shropshire a couple of times (to avoid confusion with Ellesmere Port. I know you’ve said countryside and Welsh Borders but people dont always read properly).


Thank you, they’re really helpful suggestions & appreciate the feedback!

The wallpaper certainly adds abit of character, always makes me smile when I go in there.

Yes both slightly unusual breeds, both super loving & adorable in their own special ways. I think I’ll add abit more about them & I do love Echo’s ears too, her shadow actually looks like Batman which is quite amusing lol.

Thanks again & I’ll definitely update my listing :+1:


I think we all need a lovely picture of Echo and Venus to end our (UK) day!!! :heart_eyes_cat: :paw_prints:

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HI and Welcome @Chantal85 :wave:
Oh my gracious, I can’t get enough of your babies, I just want to snuggle them. :hugs: You have a very nice profile, with some beautiful pictures, honestly the only thing I could think to add, would maybe some pictures of the living spaces(Living Room, Dining room, etc.) This allow sitters to see the type of space they will be spending time in, and whether or not it is kept clean. Just a suggestion, I’m still new myself so I’m learning as I go too. If I was able too, I would have loved to watched your babies, however I don’t take leave from work until the end of the year.
I do wish you the best in your search for a sitter, and should you have any questions feel free to let us know. The forums are a wonderful place, with many very helpful people.
-Deb :heart:

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Perhaps you could mention some of the places people could visit easily from your home?