New to this house sitting community from Texas, excited to be a part!


We are John & Deb Cleveland. We are new to the community and have our Poodle (Jazmyn) and Brussels Griffon (Kit) I don’t know that we will be on the pet sitter list, as I am allergic to dogs, but seem to do pretty good with the two we now have.

Our pups are both females. Kit is 11 years old, and Jazmyn is 9 months old. Kit typically parks herself on the couch and sleeps are just watches what is going on. Jaz, on the other hand, is super active, playing with toys or chewing an antler or bully stick. She loves to bring us toys to throw. She does settle when we ask her to, and she will lay on the couch. She will watch TV. It is hilarious to watch her watch TV. I will purposely pull up a YouTube of dogs either herding sheep, or playing flyball or frisbee, and she will watch intently. If she sees a dog in a commercial, she will perk up and watch. She sometimes sees her reflection in the fireplace door, and will growl and bark at herself.

We live in Navasota, TX, south of College Station about 18 miles. The community is small, with about 7700 people on the City Limit sign. I grew up in Navasota, and we moved back here about 6 years ago.

Deb is a mobile dog groomer and she treks around from house to house during the day grooming dogs. Sometimes she takes Jazmyn and Kit to work with her. I sell equipment and services, so I typically work a home office when in town, and the girls will stay with me when I am home.

I’ll be adding pictures soon (as I figure out how all this works.)

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Hello @Poodle_Griff and welcome to the forum. If you haven’t joined TrustedHousesitters yet, I’ll add a link below for you to see the membership options and pricing

If you’re already a THS member, your best way of finding a suitable sitter is on the website with a well-drafted listing. It can be helpful to review Angela’s 10 tips.

If you’d like forum members to view your listing, you can embed it in your forum username/profile.. Otherwise, you can instead post the location as shown on the listing and the date range.