No prompt to review

Howdy THS. Just a heads up that I purposely waited to see if I would get an email reminder prompt to complete a review for a THsitter. I did not get one.

I went into the app and completed the review and sent the request to the THsitter as well.

Is no email prompt a new feature or a glitch?

An email prompt to both parties to complete a review is a requested feature please, if this is not a glitch.


Hi @HelloOutThere. I definitely got a reminder to review post my last sit (mid November). Not sure if things have changed since?

@richten1 was that as a THsitter you got an email prompt or as a HO?
I’m posting as a HO.

Hello, @HelloOutThere Thank you for raising this one, both sitters and owners should get an email prompt after the sit has finished about completing a review and there is an email flow designed for future prompts if one is not left. Outside of doing the usual checking spam, promotions etc, please reach out to the Membership Services team and check you are receiving emails as you should be. I hope they get it sorted for you soon :slight_smile:

Hi @Carla I did send an email to MS but have not hear back…

Hello @HelloOutThere I will DM you :smiling_face: