Does THS automatically prompt a home owner to leave a review?

Haven’t found the answer in a search and I can’t remember what happens after a sit. Does THS automatically prompt a home owner to leave a review?
Or is it up to the sitter to remind them?

Hi @liz when you need to find information on any subject there is a Help Section on the website and on the forum you can use the spyglass (green bar top of page, right HS) and search by key words

Hi @Liz am I going to double check with the Membership Services Team as I believe there are some anomalies … will get back to you with an update.

thanks Angela :slight_smile: . I did use the search function but I guess I was not specific enough. I just put in ‘reviews’ and nothing relevant to my question came up.

As above, they used to prompt but no longer do. The day after you’ve finished a sit I suggest you ask the owner(s) to review you, then leave feedback about them

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Thank you @Smiley

Thanks :slight_smile: . I sent our feedback off immediately but I know jet lag and getting back home/back to work can be a bit overwhelming sometimes for homeowners. I didn’t want to ask again too soon if they had already been reminded by THS. I will send them a message.


I just did exactly this today. The day after they get back is kinda rushed… but 4 days, and then again 8 days, that’s when I prompt them.

P. S. for what it’s worth, @liz I won’t review HOs until they’ve reviewed ME, because you can wind up in a place where you’ve done theirs and they have no motivation to do yours. and I’m not the kind of person who wants to be a nag.


We have the same problem. We stayed on afew days extra for our because they got covid and did their review rhe day after we git home.
I dont want to hasske them as i think they have alot on their plate and a possibly still feeling weary.
I thought member srvices would do the prompting!

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Hi all … Just to confirm, members do receive up to two emails as well as an app push notification, they will also receive an additional email if their owner/sitter requests feedback/a review. This does sometimes go into spam/delete folders.
Hope this helps.

I had sitters finish a sit at my house yesterday and I haven’t received a THS prompt for a review.

Hi @Therese-Moderator, I completed a sit on 22nd May and have deliberately held off requesting a review from the HO as I wanted to see if I would receive the prompted email/s from THS first. As I haven’t (and it’s a number of years since I have despite all the sits I have undertaken!) I’m assuming my HO also has not received the prompt. My notifications are switched on and spam has been checked. Hopefully this can be further investigated as @Lassie has also brought it to THS attention and it has been raised numerous times before. Thanks, Therese.

Hi All. @temba @Lassie … we are not sure why this is not getting through. Thank you for this feedback back to the tech team so they can investigate this further. We do apologize for the inconvenience in the meantime.
Kind regards


I checked my settings and e-mail updates were turned off. Maybe that turns off the reminder e-mails also, but hopefully not. It should be possible to turn off daily sit alerts and marketing e-mails without eliminating more sit-specific emails.

I changed my settings to see if the second reminder arrives.

Hi @Therese-Moderator, could you let me know what the message THS sends to an HO when asking them to leave a review says? Years ago the message sounded like it was being sent by the sitter themselves. Has it been changed to a less personal “this is a reminder to leave a review for your recent housesitter” or something along those lines?

@liz … I will find this out and let you know.
Kind regards

thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @Therese-Moderator , have you been able to get an answer to this yet? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @liz @temba @lassie I do apologize for the delay in replying. Our Tech team are still looking into it, However there appears to be a bug with regards to the sitters prompt emails for feedback. These don’t seem to be sending. The homeowner review prompt emails do appear to go out correctly. However, they are investigating it all.
I think if you are unsure at all, we would always advise that you send your own request out.
I hope this helps a little.
Kind regards

Thanks @Therese-Moderator for the update. My last owners who are new to THS, me being their second sitter, received the prompt email the first time but not for my sit. Hopefully that naughty little bug will get fixed soon!