No vision of the number of applicants

hello,I just noticed that when I apply as a sitter I don’t see the number of applications in progress, is this new? I didn’t find it on the forum, thank you all for your answers :smiley:

I think as soon as you apply, you can’t see the number of applicants any more.
Same if you have booked another sit for the dates. It won’t show you the number of applicants then either.


@Catherine.L Yes, it is new…and frustrating!


Yes, it is new, yet another “improvement” of the user interface.

You can still see it if you go on the app.

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Thanks a lot :wink:

As others have said, it’s a relatively new thing, and serves no purpose whatsoever. Why can’t we see how many applications have been submitted? We know whether or not we’ve already applied, so don’t need to see that message!